Thoughts, Intents, Action!

There are old Chinese proverbs and many other ancient writings that talk about the power of our words. But, where do our words actually come from? They don’t just pop out of thin air! Well, I would say that’s most of the time. Under inspiration, some incredible stuff has come from the mouths of some of the greatest minds. However, those instances are not the norm for most people. In this post, we’ll focus on what comes from within us on a daily basis.

Words! Where do they come from? As I ponder, thoughts are running through my mind – many thoughts. When thoughts begin to form, they are “framed up.” If you look at new homes, you always see the frame go up first. You can tell by that frame what the house will look like and what rooms are planned for each space. A house starts with ideas that are then put into a blueprint. If you compare construction of a home to thoughts and intents, thoughts are the ideas before they are put onto paper. Intents are the ideas that take shape, much like a blueprint a contractor uses to build a home. The action is the actual motion of putting the intent into reality. This would be compared to the contractors taking the blueprint and making a home out of it.

Using this imagery, one can see how thoughts and intents work. Now, let’s add the next layer to this. Remember that thoughts, intents, words, and motions all have a resonant frequency? Whether we are aware of it or not, these are laws of quantum physics. When we become aware of that law, we can “intend” to put more weight into that law. In a sense, it would be similar to adding more horsepower to an engine. Why settle for less when you can have more? The problem lies in the fact that we often don’t realize there’s so much power in our words. We’re completely unaware that we have some extra horsepower available to us! All we simply need to do is refocus the thoughts and intents that come from our words.

Here’s the problem. Because we often don’t realize the power of our words, we flippantly say things that cause harm to us. We get angry at others and spew hurtful words. Or, when people (who are generally unhappy with themselves) say things such as “You worthless piece of nothing! blah… blah…. blah,” we allow those words to settle into us rather than oppose them with more powerful resonant words that override the harmful ones. And, speaking negative and hurtful things over others hurts us more than it does the other person. Why? They are coming from our own thoughts, our own intents, and our own actions. It would seem to be in our best interest to watch what we say to and over ourselves as well as others.

If this is the first of my articles that you’ve come upon, I suggest that you also consider reading the articles “Musical Intent” and “It’s All About Frequency: Part 4.” They are a great starting point to help you understand how thoughts and intents affect us to the core of our being. In fact, if you want more specifics on that, read the article “Do physical symptoms really have emotional roots?” After reading them, what I say from here on out will make more sense.

Look at the symbolic meaning behind numbers. Three often represents a form of government. In some of my own work with my friends Alice and Seneca, we call it our “tri-fecta.” Others call it a “bench of three.” We see how that works in the three branches of government and the fact that we have a body, soul, and spirit. Again, I go over more details about the various “three-somes” in the “It’s All About Frequency” series so I won’t do it here. The point is that thoughts, intents, and actions together create governmental jurisdiction over our lives. Actions are not usually carried out without thoughts and intents. Even those who say they don’t understand why they do something, they’re probably not paying much attention to the intentions that lead up to the action. When something becomes so second nature to us, we don’t even realize we’ve created a thought or intent prior to the action.

I can hear thoughts coming now from those who read this… what about those who are mentally ill or appear to have no control over their actions? Go back to the point before all of that happened for those people. At one point, most did have control and understanding. I won’t say “all” because there are exceptions. Why do they no longer have that control? My hunch is that after entertaining unhealthy thoughts or listening to harmful “voices” for so long, it drove them to the place where they are today. Basically, everything starts with thoughts. Because there’s a resonant frequency in thoughts, what we frame up in our thoughts is vitally important.

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I use myself as a guinea pig all the time. When I’m learning something new, I try it out to see how it works. In the 1980’s, I read a book titled “The Tongue: The Creative Force.” If you Google it, you might still be able to find it. The author’s name is Charles Capps. Despite your belief system should you read the book, there are key points where Capps brings out the obvious by stating that our words direct our lives, much like the small rudder of a ship controls the entire ship. My goal here is to break that down further by saying our words start as thoughts and intents. Framing the thoughts into intents then leads to an action. In most cases, the action starts with words.

My experiment? It was all about speaking health over myself. From that point in the 1980’s, I began to pay attention to what I was saying about sickness that tried to be on my body. I did pretty well until I married an abusive man. I still had choices but because I was overwhelmed by the circumstances, I let negative thoughts/intents/actions begin to rule my life. What I had was a “negative bench of three” or “negative tri-fecta.” And, it took about 14 years to reverse it all.

Thoughts – they are those things that flash across the screen of our minds. We have thousands of them daily. Some, we filter out without even knowing it. Others demand more attention as they go by and we think, “Hmmm, I wonder what this is?” At that moment, the thought stands before us and we begin to entertain it. Then, more similar thoughts start presenting themselves. The more we entertain a thought, the more others attached to it appear before us to look at. It’s much like a Google search. You type in key words and right before your eyes appears several helpful links! Looking at each one, you can get a decent idea of almost any topic – some more truthful than others. It’s the same with our thought life. We get the good, the bad, and the ugly all presented before us. It’s a matter of choosing what to look at.

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Intents – they come from the thoughts we’ve entertained. You can’t have intent without prior knowledge. Think about it! Even down to the smallest decisions in our lives, there’s thoughts we ponder before building the blueprint of what that’s going to look like. Let’s go back to the Google search. Once the key words have been typed in, many choices appear before us to look at. If you’re like me, you click on the ones with interesting titles that seem most relevant to your search topic. Every once in a while, I get one that’s way out in left field with what I call “icky feelings” attached to it and I quickly close out. Here’s where a problem could start. Once “closing out” the link, let’s say I continue to ponder the negative stuff from that link. It’s at that point, intent begins to form. As long as I’m willing to entertain it, I’m literally creating a blueprint (intent) that’s to be set into action.

Going back to Capps’ book – when I put it into practice, I began to pay attention to what was coming out of my mouth. It should be no surprise to any of us that I was surprised! What I discovered was all the little negative things I’d said over myself. They were derogatory comments about my weight, my looks, why people might not like me, excuses for why I couldn’t do something well, etc. Each of these thoughts was building a blueprint for an action. Let that one soak in for a bit…

I picked one thing to focus on – what I was saying about my health. None of us like being sick. Even hypochondriacs don’t like being sick. What they want is attention and they utilize sickness as an “attention getting device.” Yeah, I know, that’s twisted but we’ll save that conversation for another rabbit trail somewhere down the road. My “practice” goal involved speaking health and healing into my body. Over time, I began to notice positive results. Other than the fourteen years I mention above, my health improved. And, I’m currently on no medications. I realized that many of the things I want to do in life requires that I’m healthy. I watch what comes out of my mouth concerning my health as a starting point.

You probably guessed by now that promoting good health is one of many reasons why I began to create my own music. I want a positive and peaceful environment in my home, which leads to good health. I also enjoy worship and engaging in what Creator has for me. I want to be well physically so my attention can go to other things. Music is a useful “tool” or focus point that helps me “practice” what I’m cementing in my life. It’s like anything else – if you want to be good at something, you have to practice. I didn’t become a professional musician overnight. I spent many hours in a practice room to get there. In fact, I’ve probably spent the equivalent of 20 YEARS of my life in a practice room. That’s no joke either.

My thoughts, intents, and actions must align with resonant frequencies that are helpful to me spiritually, emotionally, and physically in order for me to walk in wholeness. My healing protocol is ongoing and every day, I take a step closer to what Creator has for me. Some days, I do better than others. The key? It’s to keep moving and when I fall down, I get up and keep moving!

If you’re looking for any of my music to assist you on your journey, here are some recommendations:

  • Release from trauma: the New Hope album in the EMDR version
  • Spiritual awakening and restoration: Deep Calls to Deep, I AM, and Into His Presence
  • Physical healing: Look at each album for the list of “emotional roots of physical symptoms” that correspond with what you’re dealing with. Customers are saying that Open Heaven is really good with back pain and headaches.
  • Emotional trauma in general: Any EMDR music
  • Autistic spectrum: Any EMDR music

As usual, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!


© 2018 by Del Hungerford

Here’s a short video introduction to musical intent. Enjoy!



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