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A National Geographic article from 2008 shows that DNA can be “heard” through music. That article title is… “Your DNA is a Song: Scientists Use Music to Code Proteins.” Scientists also say we’re made up of about 97% “junk DNA.” Is it possible that our DNA acts as storage for “information” that’s been passed down through our ancestors as well as “input” around us? At the moment of birth, we become living carriers of everything we interact with. In a sense, our DNA is a computer that stores information.

The Speculation

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There’s a story going around about an African tribe where the mother goes away from the tribe for a period of time during pregnancy. She waits for the “song” of the child before she rejoins the rest of the village. That song is sung over the child his/her entire life and upon death, it’s never sung again. Is this story true? It depends on which website you read. There appears to be no research proof. At the time of this article, I can only find blog posts (with no links to factual evidence) that reference the story. That being said, I can find proof that music is a major part of indigenous people’s lifestyle from the moment of birth. Whether the mother truly goes into seclusion to “hear” the birth song of her unborn child – at this time, there’s no solid evidence that this story is true.

Why do I mention this story? The idea is intriguing and I venture to guess there is some truth but that truth has yet to present itself. In this story, it appears the mother listens for the child’s song. It would require listening with her innermost being. In essence – it’s a spiritual experience. We do have evidence that our DNA plays music so it’s easy to understand why this story is believable. Keep this story on the back burner where you be the judge of whether it has the capability of being true or not after I present evidence of DNA music.

The Evidence

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The National Geographic article mentioned above doesn’t appear to be accessible online without a membership. There’s a YouTube video where Stuart Mitchell, a professional musician, presents details of that article. He says it’s easier to “hear” the proteins over seeing them. In a sense, “it was by chance that DNA music was born into the world,” Mitchell states. He also says that “DNA music helped vision impaired biologists and boosted the popularity of genomic biology.” DNA has a musical system and is inherent in our bodies. So, it’s not too much of a stretch to believe there is some truth in the African mother’s story. The details may be different but the science is there to show that it’s plausible. Mitchell has a website where you order your own DNA song!

David Deamer, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California (Santa Cruz), completed the initial study on DNA music. In 1988 he collaborated with Susan Alexjander, composer and music theorist, on a science/art project to collect frequencies from the bases of DNA with a spectrophotometer.

In the article, “Is Music in Our DNA?” by Marina Jones, she says that “Deamer passed infrared light through a base molecule of DNA, and when the light was absorbed at specific frequencies, the instrument plotted the absorption bands as a spectrum with a wavenumber (number of waves per centimeter). Once the wavenumber was determined, it was converted to hertz (Hz). In order to get frequencies within hearing range, the authors translated the patterns of ratios in light into a sound medium,in order to “hear’ the information. The data was programmed into a Yamaha DX7 IID synthesizer, which created sound banks from the hertz numbers. The resulting music was microtonal (microtones are smaller than half-tones on a piano).”

While going through Deamer’s and Alexjander’s research, I realized the importance C# and F#. They are two key notes in our DNA structure. I find it very interesting that geometrical shapes represent an F# Major triad. What are the odds of DNA connecting with geometrical shapes?  CLICK HERE to read my article on sacred geometry. Jone’s article references several studies in addition to that of Deamer and Alexjander. It’s a good read so be sure to check it out.

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Russian scientists are saying that what we call the 97% junk DNA actually carries memories. There’s an article by Tracy Staedter titled Music Was Just Encoded on DNA and Retrieved for the First Time.”  In this article, Staedter discusses the process of creating DNA in a lab and using binary code as a means of putting two musical selections into the “memory banks” of that DNA. At the bottom of the article is a short video that explains the process. Again, it’s a great read that should open the door for more questions. It seems that what the Russian scientists are saying has merit based on the information in Staedter’s article.

There are more scholarly articles coming out by the day on the subject of DNA music as well as what’s in our “junk DNA.” Google both topics and feel free to submit articles in the comment section for further consideration.

The Possibilities

I believe it’s plausible that our DNA stores the memory of what’s in our surroundings. In addition, it carries the memories, actions, and feelings of our ancestral line. That deja vu feeling of “I’ve been here before!” may be more of a stored memory rather than we’ve reincarnated into a new being, as some propose. The first view makes scientific sense. If we carry the memory of our entire ancestral line, it only makes sense that any “deja vu-ish” memories came from our ancestors and not from a previous version of us.

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Being that our bodies are made up of at least 70% water and that water carries the memory of what it comes into contact with (CLICK HERE for those articles), I venture to speculate that water acts as an amplifier to our DNA screaming, “INCOMING INFORMATION DOWNLOAD!!!” It seems that if scientists can create DNA code and literally “record” music into that DNA, it’s not a huge leap of faith to believe that our DNA stores information from our surroundings – past and present.

This is one of the reasons I’ve created sound essences. It’s also why flower essences work. They are both water based mixtures of prayers, declarations, healing “frequencies” of flowers/musical pitches, all mixed with intent. When we add a variety of “healing protocols” to our lifestyle, we have a “whole-istic” approach of healing. Our modern culture subscribes to the “I-want-to-be-well-right-now” mentality. We can forget what gets us into physical and emotional “dis-ease.” Solid healing is not only a physical act but one of intent that often involves a paradigm shift. That takes time. CLICK HERE to read the article on thoughts and intents.

What’s held in our DNA from ancestral lines is something that’s dealt with through a variety of methods. The right type of counseling can help. No, not everything that happens to us is our fault. But, we do have the capability to remove junk from our DNA by encoding something better and “in tune” with our systems. At Healing Frequencies Music, I do that via music. Here’s a good musical starting place for emotional issues, which are generally at the root of many physical ailments: 1) Any of my EMDR (bilateral) music. CLICK HERE to read about how that works and download that music. And, 2)  since I mentioned the connection between DNA with F# and C#, check out the album, “Open Gates.” It’s based on an F# Major triad.

With so much new research coming out about what’s in our DNA, I expect a whole new world to open up for healing protocols! Feel free to post anything you find below.


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