Music for Healing

Because I’m a music teacher, I get a lot of musically related topics showing up in my Facebook feed. One of the recent videos that appeared was written by Anita Collins through Ted Ed titled “How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain.” Scientists have been researching the effects of music on the brain for years and are finding some amazing things. Of course, music teachers are always interested because it seems that music programs are being cut everywhere despite the mounting research concerning music and the brain. We’re all thinking, “But why!?”

Music and the BrainFor now, the point I want to make about this video, which I did share in an earlier post, is that when we listen to music, “fireworks” are going off in our brains. When you play a musical  instrument, there’s a fireworks party. It appears as though music is a very important part of our lives. When it came time to record my music, I had read enough research to know that intent along with my feelings and desires were important during the recording process.

Since the music came out in June of 2015, I’ve received feedback on how the “Prophetic Musical Journey” is affecting people. These comments line up with my intent and desire for the music. Debbie said  “After listening to the samples, I was healed of a throbbing headache this morning… I was able to return to a peaceful sleep.” After listening to Open Heaven, Paula said “By the time I was finished listening to all three [songs], I had a complete release of a tension headache and felt tingling and circulation in my hands. Never felt that before to music!! It was very powerful and peaceful.”

During a conversation with a friend, she told me about a situation where she had been driving to work and listening to a song on the radio by a popular artist. She could sense certain feelings rising up within her that she knew wanted to “feed” an issue (not a positive one) that she was working through. Then, she switched the station to something more uplifting and could feel the immediate shift in her physical body. After a bit, she put on the song Into the Deep, from the 3rd album of the “Prophetic Musical Journey.  As she listened, she could feel the music reaching deep within her and begin to address and heal that wound. She told me that after listening to the popular song, followed by Into the Deep, the difference was obvious; one was feeding an unhealthy desire and the other was healing an emotional wound. She knew that there was some frequency within Into the Deep that was directly addressing a wounded area in her heart.

Listen to MusicLet me ask you… have you noticed a difference in your mood, attitude, or feelings after listening to music? As I’ve said in previous posts, intent and desire are a huge factor. It’s not only about the actual frequency but what the artist is trying to portray. What do you listen to? The next time you have the radio playing, listen to the words of the songs. That will most often direct you to the intent and desire of the artists. If what they are projecting is something you want as a part of you, listen away. If not, then you might want to consider changing the music. As you pay attention, you should notice a difference in the way music makes you feel. If you don’t want to be on edge, then listen to music that calms you. If you are happy and joyful, listen to music that fosters more happiness and joy. If you need healing, then listen to music that’s healing for you; both with or without words.

neuronI would propose that if you desire healing in some areas of your life (physical, emotional, or spiritual) that you choose music with uplifting and healing words or instrumental music where the artist’s intent is to perform music for the purposes of healing. The “fireworks” going off in your brain will very much enjoy “feeding” your body what it needs to bring it to a place of peace and rest.

Going back to the Ted-Ed video – It’s easy to tell from a scientific point of view that our brains really like music. I don’t think anyone would disagree that music is a very powerful “tool” that can quickly change a mood, desire, a thought, and even bring us to a place of peace. Scientists are only just beginning to uncover the power of music.

Here’s to encouraging you to play a musical instrument as well as listening to music that will bring you to a place of peace and rest. It’s out of rest that we function best because we don’t have to strive.

Music Heals the SoulFeel free to share some of your own stories of listening to music and how you’ve noticed the affect it has on your life.

© 2015 by Del Hungerford