The 528 “Love” Frequency

Sound and Creation

What about the 528 “Love” Frequency? Is it really a musical frequency? I’m one to believe that because enough people truly believe that the 528 Hz is the “love” frequency, there must be something to it. So, what is the 528 love frequency? My goal is to find out what…

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New article up about ancient solfeggio frequencies and Pythagoras!

Musical notes

As new articles are added to the site, we’ll give you a sneak peak here. Below is the synopsis taken from the article on the ancient solfeggio frequencies as it relates to Pythagoras. It was a long time ago but still very interesting. History is an amazing thing. Be sure…

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Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies and Pythagoras

You might ask what led me to discuss this topic. In doing research on healing frequencies, I came across a lot of information about what people call the “ancient solfeggio frequencies” or “tones.”  After finding several articles on how they were considered “lost” for a very long time, I started…

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Healing Music at A=432 Concert Pitch available in Spring 2015

Clef signs

This site is in the process of being constructed. The goal behind the site is to: Provide information about how musical frequencies affect us Provide music that is considered “healing” and good for the body that is recorded at the A=432 concert pitch. Provide helpful links to other sites that…

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