Top Ten List

The Top Ten List of Questions From Customers… As people receive the information that comes in the “frequency mini-course” via the Healing Frequencies Music newsletter, they respond with additional questions. I’ve taken the top ten questions and put them together in one blog post for easy perusal. I’m feeling a…

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Cymatics is Music in Pictures

Imagine that you’re an ancient Sumerian who wants to notate musical frequencies or a simple melody. How do you do it? Was it even possible during their day? Musicologists have said that musical notation didn’t appear until about 1,000 AD during the time of Guido D’Arezzo, who invented solfege (Ut,…

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Pythagorean Tuning in A=444 and A=432

There are as many different concert pitches as there are notes on a piano. Well… almost. What do I mean by that? Although there are other concert pitch articles on this site, I’ll quickly give you the low down. Setting the concert pitch requires tuning all notes to one specific…

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Tour of the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

What I love about being a musician is the opportunity to learn more about the history of music. Now, had you asked me that while I was a student, I’d probably have growled at you. Way back in the recesses of my brain, I dig up the memory of music…

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Healing Powers of Music

music frames our world

Music can be both healing or harmful. Listen to lyrics in songs to determine the intent of that song. Is it uplifting? Does the song have a mean tone? Can you tell what the artist is truly trying to say? As you answer these questions, you can then determine if that song is something you want to frame your world with.

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My Musical Story

Music is Healing

This is my musical story, complete with my own victories and struggles as a person and musician. When I learned to allow myself to “feel” the music coming from within me, it was a game changer. What are you passionate about? Can you, too, bring yourself to a place where what’s within can flow freely out of you?

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Truth About the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

528 Creative DNA

Because of mis-information concerning the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, we have been led to believe a truth that doesn’t line up with music theory and historical information. Are they musical frequencies or something else? If they aren’t musical frequencies, where did they come from?

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Goebbels and Horowitz

tuning forks

Joseph Goebbels is said to have been behind the choice of our current concert pitch being set to A=440. Leonard Horowitz is a promoter of this conspiracy theory. A little lesson in music history may assist the reader in deciding for themselves whether this is a probable theory or not. Does this relate to the ancient solfeggio frequencies? A lesson in both music history and music theory should help the reader make that determination.

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