Musical Entrainment

Music on the brain

What is entrainment and how does it relate to music? The basics of entrainment work when two rhythmical objects eventually sync with one another. The example commonly used is that of the Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, where he noted that pendulum clock clocks eventually synchronize. As noted by Martin Clayton…

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Goebbels and Horowitz

tuning forks

Joseph Goebbels is said to have been behind the choice of our current concert pitch being set to A=440. Leonard Horowitz is a promoter of this conspiracy theory. A little lesson in music history may assist the reader in deciding for themselves whether this is a probable theory or not. Does this relate to the ancient solfeggio frequencies? A lesson in both music history and music theory should help the reader make that determination.

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Royal Rife


Who is Royal Rife? Back in the 1930’s, a man named Royal Rife (an inventor) invented a machine that aimed frequencies at cancer cells. Somehow, he figured out that each type of cancer has a different frequency. And, by subjecting the cancer cells to a frequency that was harmful to them, they…

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Musical Frequencies and the Human Body

Resonant Frequency

Musical frequencies resonate in the body while playing a musical instrument, especially wind instruments. Direct contact with the mouthpiece on either the teeth or lips makes it possible for wind players to “feel” the resonant frequencies within the body cavity. Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist, demonstrates that it’s possible for deaf people to enjoy playing an instrument, too. Because musical frequencies vibrate within us, does this have an affect on the human body?

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Music Therapy

Healing Frequencies Music

What is music therapy? Simply put, music therapy is the use of music for “non-musical” treatment. Examples include playing music and setting up playlists for memory patients, music before or after surgery that a patient enjoys, and even for those with autism spectrum disorders. Several medical organizations are beginning to…

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Singing at A=432

Singing in A=432

Since I began research on the subject of musical frequencies and how they affect us, I started listening to the sounds and pitches found in nature, the buzzing of power tools, the humming of household appliances, and even people singing without the aid of an accompanying instrument. When I found…

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Understanding Concert Pitch – What’s It All About?


Understanding Concert Pitch – What’s It All About? When the term “concert pitch” is brought up, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what it actually is. Plain and simple, concert pitch is defined as “a universal frequency or note that all instruments are tuned to.” A concert…

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Concert Pitch of Appliances and Entrainment

My household appliances (dryer, espresso machine, microwave, etc) seem to be “in tune” with the concert pitch that I’ve used for the “Prophetic Musical Journey.” Although that may seem odd, I’m not surprised. Since each of these appliances was made by a different company, I’m not thinking they decided to…

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