Cleansing Fire: Emotional Roots and Physical Symptoms

“Cleansing Fire” is the final album from the Prophetic Musical Journey series. This album, like “Waves of Spirit” is based on the black notes of the piano. Many say that music focusing around the black note keys tend to reach deep within the soul. In a sense, this is what “Cleansing Fire” feels like for those who listen. During my own listening, I’ve felt that I’m being cleansed from the inside out and then walk away with a new freshness about life.

I’m working with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers and Alice Briggs of Emotional and Spiritual Healing to create a package of materials that can aid with the healing processes of physical issues in your body! The “Physical Symptoms and Emotional Roots” booklet is being put together by myself, Alice, and Seneca and should be ready for sale soon! The full chart has about 100 physical symptoms with corresponding emotional roots. We suggest a flower essence, song (or full album), and a type of healing session so that you have something to work with.

“Cleansing Fire” has nearly 60 minutes of instrumental music: “Abiding Love” is and “Cleansing Fire” is the final track. Each song is about 30 minutes long. The report from massage therapists who are using the music is that clients feel a deep sense of relaxation during the massage. I, too, have listened to this album numerous times and feel that as I listen, Creator’s love goes deep within me while listening to “Abiding Love.” For “Cleansing Fire,” the report is people feel a sense of being cleansed from deep within.

The full album is listed first (below) followed by each individual song. It is purchasable as a CD or downloads (full album and individual songs) and in the EMDR format.

Cleansing Fire – ALBUM

  • Physical: candida, hernia
  • Emotional: anger, anger at self, not able to understand own emotions, resentment multiplying inside, unresolved negative feelings, blaming others on a subconscious level, feeling burdened, punishing self

Abiding Love – SONG

  • Physical: MS, chronic fatigue, diabetes, Osteoperosis, mono, psoriasis, spleen
  • Emotional: despair, desolation, no will to live, low self-esteem, judge self and others severly, disappointed in life, emotional shock, joy of life is gone, obsessed with wanting to control, can’t be flexible, unreceptive to new ideas, blames self, unforgiving of self and others, not feeling supported in life, unloved, feeling unworthy, emotional insecurity, unresolved and deep seeded feelings surfacing that hurt, lack of self love, emotional conflicts, feelings of intense anger/antagonism/agitation

Cleansing Fire – SONG

  • Physical: blood, DNA, joints, marrow, burns, immune system, shoulder issues
  • Emotional: feeling powerless, deep anger, intense depression, not feeling joy in life, stagnant thinking, unable to flow with life, fear, giving up, everything is out of my control, I’m, not good enough, There’s no use trying, life is too great of a burden to bear, lacking in courage, carry stressful responsibilities, carry burdens that aren’t your to carry, life is a tough struggle, feelings of helplessness/hopelessness, inability to trust life.


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