Waves of Spirit: Emotional Roots and Physical Symptoms

This next album, “Waves of Spirit” was not in the original plan as part of the Prophetic Musical Journey series. However, after some more research, I decided that all of the black keys on the piano needed equal representation and, things were stirring within me to record with these most awesome sharp and flat keys.

As feedback continues to come in from those who’ve purchased the music, I’m working with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers and Alice Briggs of Emotional and Spiritual Healing to create a package of materials that can aid with the healing processes of physical issues in your body! The “Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms” booklet is being put together by myself, Alice, and Seneca and should be ready for sale soon! The full chart has about 100 physical symptoms with corresponding emotional roots. We then suggest a flower essence, song (or full album), and a type of healing session so that you have something to work with.

“Waves of Spirit” has nearly 80 minutes of instrumental music: “Waves of Spirit” is track 1, followed by “Wings of Spirit,” and then finally “Deep Waters.” The full album is listed first (below) followed by each individual song with a two-minute sample. It is purchasable as a CD or downloads (full album and individual songs) and in the EMDR format.

“Waves of Spirit” is an album with three very different songs. The final song, “Deep Waters” is very similar in feel to “Into the Deep.” Many who have listened to “Wings of Spirit” have sensed angels around them. You may notice from the list below, there are a wide variety of emotional roots and physical symptoms. You may see many repeats from this list on other lists, too. Overall, the entire album appears to bring people to a sense of feeling better about themselves. I suppose that when sensing angelic help is there, those who listen can rest at ease knowing they aren’t alone.

In addition to reports coming in from listeners, I, too, listen to the music on a regular basis and tend to feel the difference in my body with the various songs. People who come to my house love the way my house feels because the intent of this music is to bring healing in your spirit, soul, and body.


Waves of Spirit – ALBUM

  • Physical: alcoholism, anorexia
  • Emotional: worthlessness, self-rejection, inadequacy, unresolved negative emotions, afraid to feel, self-rejection

Waves of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: blood, stroke, generational physical issues, depression, hay fever, menstuaral problems, pancreas
  • Emotional: feeling powerless, deep anger, fear, can’t flow with life, intense depression, unresolved rages or fear, grief or sadness, repressed aggression, wanting to get even, feelings of guilt, extreme resistance, reject life at a deep level, self-violence, want to give up, unresolved guilt, how self-esteem, feelings of judgment

Wings of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: pain, energy, memory, brain, bladder and kidney issues, Sciatica, urinary
  • Emotional: putting blame on others for your problems, allowing another to irritate you, nervousness, high anxiety, unable to control life, unresolved deep seeded sadness, wishing you could quite, unable to release ideas/things no longer needed, over concern for money, job, and health, obsessed with any lack of order, trying to control life, being over judgmental, emotional confusion, repressed emotions, unfounded criticism of others, hardened anger, mental anxiety regarding creative abilities, double-minded.

Deep Waters – SONG

  • Physical: eyes, gall bladder, gall stones, incurable diseases, rheumatism, stomach
  • Emotional: bitterness, remorse/regret, feeling unfulfilled, resentment, hurt, inability to see truth, can’t see your own self-worth, anger, being unyielding, pride, unable to forgive, long standing condemnation of self and others, victim mentality, want revenge, sense of security feels threatened, lack affection, condemning success of others, unhappy


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