Concert Pitch of Appliances and Entrainment

My household appliances (dryer, espresso machine, microwave, etc) seem to be “in tune” with the concert pitch that I’ve used for the “Prophetic Musical Journey.” Although that may seem odd, I’m not surprised. Since each of these appliances was made by a different company, I’m not thinking they decided to have the “hum” of their machinery at the same concert pitch. Is it a coincidence? Probably not. My guess is that things around us (nature, machinery, etc.) tend to be subject to entrainment simply because the frequencies within the earth and the earth’s atmosphere are stronger than those within the appliances or “weaker” sounds of nature.

Another example is when I recently stopped to get gas. I had the CD’s playing in my truck and left the keys in the ignition with the truck running. Of course, when I opened the door, I got the usual beeping sound (normally very annoying). Now, you have to understand that I listen to music whenever I drive. I also get this same beeping sound if I have too many items in the passenger seat. My truck thinks it’s smart by reminding me that I need to tell my passenger that he/she needs to put the seat belt on. I’m not quite sure how I can tell my book bags to do this…

Bubba at work

Bubba at work

Moving along… The pitch of the beeping noise? It was perfectly in tune with the track that was playing at that moment and until last week, that annoying beep never seemed “in tune” with anything. What are the odds of that? Remember, I play music in my rig all the time and have had Bubba (my truck) since 2007. At some point, if the beeping noise were to be in tune with any of my music, it should have been evident by now.

And, just in case you were wondering… I do not leave my truck running when I get gas. I was paying at the pump first. THEN, I turned off the ignition.

I’ll be back with more posts as more discoveries are made. Just thought you all might enjoy this adventure. Any additional thoughts? Please share!

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  • diana katona says:

    this reminds me of the time I was sitting at a red light, and all the vehicles left turn lights were on,,, after about a min or so all came into sync, then out of sync, then back into sync. I think I was about the 5 one.