Crystal Bowls and Sound Baths

In 2017, I was introduced to crystal bowls at a conference. Rarely have I run into anyone who doesn’t enjoy the sounds of crystal bowls. There’s simply something about their tonal quality that draws you in. Fast forward almost three years and I’ve created my first album using crystal bowls! Let’s take a look at the description I have for this album:

Learn how to trade dis-ease for at ease…

Allow your body to bathe in healing frequencies that invite you to enter into a place of harmony and balance

Allow me to lure you on a journey… a journey that trades dis-ease for harmony… a journey that relieves tension, fatigue, anxiety, and stress… a journey that invites you into a place of peace, rest, and tranquility…

Join a musical voyage of the healing tones in crystal bowls

Imagine a tranquil place where the cares of this world fade away as you soak in the pure sounds of quartz crystal bowls… imagine the frequencies as musical food delivering nutrition to your cells… see yourself in that place of total calm as all stress fades away…

 Journey to a peaceful place where vibration, rhythms, and tones bring balance to the hemispheres of your brain

The journey began in March, 2020 in the quiet and serene space of a recording studio where the velvety and luscious pure tones in the crystal bowls were mastered for authentic and optimal tonal richness. As you listen, let the frequencies engage the crystalline structures of your DNA, blood, bones and the crystal-colloidal liquid of your brain. It’s an alignment of the natural geometrical structure of the quartz crystals in your body with those in the crystal bowls.

Take a bath of pure geometrical frequencies in the A=432 concert pitch

Allow the music to bathe you in sounds that infuse peace, tranquility, rest, and relaxation into and through your entire being. See stress and worry float away as you release them from your mind, emotions, and body in exchange for stronger frequencies of love, peace, and joy. Step into the center of The Name – YHVH – the Tetragrammaton, where you can soak in a personal or group sound bath.

Allow the crystal bowl sound waves to vibrate through the air and into the fluids of your body for a complete soaking experience

Now, after reading that introduction, you may wonder where I got some of the information used for this narrative. See the research below to learn more!

In the article by Sacred Sounds, the writer states “The benefits of Sound Healing are due to the scientific phenomena known as entrainment. Two pendulums in close contact will eventually synchronize and resonate at the same frequency. The vibrations of the sounds we hear penetrate through our ears, skin and bones, our physical body acts as a resonator.” This is how crystal bowls work. Because crystalline structures are present in our bodies, it would make sense that when paired with intent, the sounds in crystal bowls can be very therapeutic. “Our entire human body down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure, causing it to respond and resonate with the extraordinary frequencies associated with quartz crystal.”(Sacred Sounds).

Using crystal bowls in the healing process is part of music therapy as well. In the Healthline article, the writer specifically lists crystal bowls as instruments used for music therapy. I believe the final comment from that article says it best. “Music therapy has been found to be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and has been shown to offer many health benefits. There is little risk to listening to music. Find the sounds that work for you.” The first article focuses on Tibetan bowls but in a sense, they’re very similar to crystal singing bowls.

What’s a Sound Bath?

Whatever you choose to listen to, you can add your own intent into the mix to create your OWN “sound bath.” When you’re bathing in sound, you focus on allowing that music to permeate through your entire being. Because our bodies are made up of at least 70% water, any sound naturally is carried in that water. No need to fear! If you’ve read the articles on water memory, you’ll understand that we can override negative input with something more positive. I also address that in the reprogramming your DNA article.

Sound baths are very popular at this time. In most cases, you travel to a specific location where a musician or sound therapist sets you up in a comfortable position so you can “bathe” in the sounds of a variety of musical instruments. Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) is a technique where Tibetan bowls are placed directly on the body. Many sound baths include quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, and other percussion instruments. But, what if you’re not able to travel on a regular basis for a sound bath? Well, musicians (including myself) are creating recordings of sound baths and making those available for purchase. In my recent album “Bowls Before the Alter I,” those who purchase at the $25 or $55 price point receive a PDF sound bath instruction sheet. I show you how you can take this music and create your own personal sound bath in the privacy of your own home! Pay once and listen many times. If you’d like a larger sample of that PDF, check out my first article on sound baths.

Take a moment and listen to this sample of the song “Fragrance of YHVH.” As you listen, get into a comfortable position. Focus on a part of your body that needs a little healing attention. As the music plays, visualize the frequencies of the music going deep into your being and directly to that place that needs healing. See the negative frequencies causing that “dis-ease” be replaced by a stronger frequency of love and peace or any other positive thought. Allow the positive to override the negative. Although the sample only lasts three minutes, feel free to play it several times until your being is in a more restful state. Concentrate on slow and steady breathing while you focus on these frequencies working within you.

Feel free to leave comments on how this works for you. With that, here’s the sample:


I hope you enjoyed this mini sound bath! CLICK HERE if you’d like to read more about the album and listen to the other samples.


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