Personal Sound Bath

What is a personal sound bath?

Any time music is playing, you're bathing in sound. The difference here is that intent is paired with music and sounds for healing purposes. Many use relaxing and peaceful music, others use steady drum beats, and more recently, gongs, bowls, and bells have become quite popular. Crystal bowls, crystal singing pyramids, and Tibetan bowls have resonance properties that the body appears to like rather well. How do we know this? I'll tell you the story of my neighbor...

In the summer of 2020, a neighbor (we'll call Tammy) was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Like anyone would be, she was devastated and didn't know where to turn. She began chemotherapy and eventually realized that it was killing her. So, she stopped all the treatments. I talked her into coming over for a crystal bowl sound bath. A bit reluctant at first, she finally agreed. I had some musical friends visiting so we played over her for about 30 minutes. She could feel the cancer moving and knew the bowls were doing something. She also had a vision during the sound bath of Creator's DNA blasting the cancer cells. At that point, she grabbed a hold of that vision and allowed it to play out while the sound bath continued. When it was over, she felt a remarkable difference. Within a couple of days, the tumors began to shrink. What we didn't do was record it for her so she could continue to play it over herself! 

The results of this sound bath that we partnered with prayer helped Tammy change her mindset so she could begin the process of beating the cancer. There was something about her vision of the cancer being blasted that gave her hope. She decided to focus on changing her mindset, which took time. Every time I saw her, I laid my hands on her, releasing the words spoken during the initial sound bath. Hope continued to sprout as she prepared for surgery to remove the tumors. 

Two months after the initial sound bath and prior to the surgery, Tammy decided it was time for another sound bath. The cancer had stopped growing even though it was initially very aggressive. This time when she came over, I recorded the session. Before it began, I played each bowl and had her tell me which ones felt like they were doing something. After she chose the bowls, the session began. She is now able to listen to it whenever she wants and finds the sounds still work quite well with the recorded version. I also put that recording up on the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel so she could play it through her high quality speakers.

Below is the recording of that session on the Healing Frequencies Music YouTube channel. If you know someone with cancer, I'd encourage them to listen to this sound bath frequently! The pictures represent the vision Tammy had of Creator's purified DNA blasting all the cancerous cells. 

To find out more about the properties of crystal bowls, how they work, and why they work, please read the earlier blog post where I present the album, "Bowls Before the Alter." At the end of the post, I link to several articles that discuss how and why crystal bowls work. In a nutshell, our bodies are made up of crystalline structures. When crystal bowls are played, our crystalline structures are activated and respond to the sounds of the bowls. Paired with the intent of both the performer and recipient, this creates a healing recipe.

Keep in mind that Tammy changed her entire mindset and has now chosen life. It's not always easy but she continues to keep her eye on her desire to be healed. She plays the crystal bowl music over herself and pairs that with her healing intent. She envisions the cancer cells being destroyed by what she speaks as she listens to the music. On top of that, she focuses on a positive outlook on life. In just two short months, her entire outlook on life has changed!  

How can a crystal bowl sound bath help me?

As noted in Tammy's story, we find that when someone desires change, the first part of a healing recipe is set in motion through intent. The next piece is pairing it with frequencies. That's where I come in. Armed with the knowledge that crystal bowls are an amazing carrier of frequency, I join my intent with the recipient. When I record the session, that allows the healing frequencies to hammer away at whatever needs healing whether it be emotional, spiritual, or physical. Simply by applying a "daily dose of a sound bath," this continually releases the desired frequencies. This way, you're not signing up for a series of sound baths. And, you can play your own session anytime you want since it's catered specifically to your needs and desires. 

Based on personal experience with crystal bowls, my method of working with them came from divine inspiration. I then took that knowledge and began to practice giving sound baths. After a year of practice, I had enough testimonials that helped me refine my process. So, if you want your own personal sound bath, this is how it works... 

I have samples of all the crystal bowls that I use for the sessions. You'll listen to a sample of each bowl and choose the ones that your being likes best. I then create a sound bath using those bowls along with other instruments that I feel work well. The cool part? When I prepare the recording, I often sense, hear, and feel things. I'll send you that information so you can use it as part of your "healing intent" while you bathe yourself in these beautiful crystal bowl sounds. What I do is intuitive where I listen to what Creator desires to release into each sound bath. I then pass that information along to you!

You can easily create your own sound bath with music you love! Choose music that your body likes and that provides you with a good visual of your desired result. Take time to get quiet and focus on releasing what you need through the music you choose. On the other hand, I'm happy to create a personal sound bath for you! If that interests you, read further...

How to sign up for a sound bath

  • Click on the link below
  • Scroll to the bottom where there are samples of each bowl
  • Listen to each bowl sample and check the sounds that you like. Choose as many as you like!
  • Be sure to fill in your name and email on the form!
  • Add the sound bath to your cart. 
  • Pay and you'll receive your sound bath via e-mail within two weeks!