What are Sound Essences?

The term “sound essence” may seem new to people but, it’s been around for thousands of years. What exactly is a sound essence? To answer that question, it’s important to look at vibration in general. Everything around us vibrates and has its own frequency. Sound therapy is a method of treating “dis-ease” simply by finding methods of transmitting sound into the human body.

Sound vibrations interact with a physical and energetic body to create good as well as harmful frequencies. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the intent and lyrics in music. If you want to read more about that, CLICK HERE for the blog post about how the intent of the performer can affect us. In a sense, listening to music is a form of sound essence. But, the “intake” is through your ears, not through water or another liquid. By definition, sound essences require that a sound be infused into water so it carries that “sound” memory.

Sound essences are meant to deliver the principles of healing through music, declarations, and words.  Illness or imbalance is usually caused by a blockage in various “channels” on some level. This includes our energy field, meridians, arteries, veins, lymph and/or nerves, and even our emotional state. We can have blockages in our emotions, too. Flower essences are especially helpful with emotional blockages. When there are blockages in channels, the related system or organ no longer vibrates at a healthy frequency, causing harm in the body and emotions. The goal with sound and flower essences is to assist in unblocking channels, allowing energy to freely move through your body so it has the opportunity to self-heal.

How are sound essences made? We will get into that after seeing a couple of videos… Let’s start a with a fun clip by a musician named Nigel Stanford. His band experimented with cymatics and how sound frequencies affect matter. Notice that as the notes change, so do the shapes. 


Here’s another video by Joanna McEwen, a registered sound therapist who presented a TED talk about sound therapy. In this video, she provides good scientific evidence on how our bodies become out of tune and that by using sound therapy, we can actually get rid of “dis-ease.” Dis-ease is literally anything that makes our body uncomfortable. She has a great Power Point presentation with slides and videos of cells that are “out of tune” because an illness has set in. This is the very thing that Royal Raymond Rife was working on in the 1930’s and 1940’s with cancer. To learn more about him, CLICK HERE to read that blog post.

Now, onto the video by Joanna McEwen…


This next video appears to be an ad for a specific type of water system. Only the first eight minutes of their “documentary” is in this particular video. There’s a longer version out there somewhere… Happy searching. Notice as you watch, scientists discuss how water actually carries the memory of everything that it comes in contact with. What I found very fascinating is that animals prefer natural spring water over treated water of any kind. What caught my attention is the importance of spring water, which is what I use in making the sound essences.


Now, let’s answer the question “What is a sound essence?” A sound essence is water that has been infused with the memory of music, words, declarations and/or intent. I create music essences from certain instrumental songs. With a full understanding that water carries memory, my intent is to infuse a bottle of spring water with the properties of the music I play over the water. How is that done? During the creation process of the music, I put the bottle of water on my keyboard while spontaneously “composing” the song. Once returning home from the studio, I play the music for several hours and often days (continuously) with that same bottle of spring water on top of the speakers. You can often see ripples in the water as the music plays. In reality, it only takes a short time for the sound to be infused into the water. I let the music play while praying over it in my prayer language or declaring the properties of that song over the course of creating the essence. When I feel it’s been enough time, the processing time stops and the music (sound) essence is complete. It’s a matter of bottling it up. Then, four drops into whatever you’re drinking throughout the day allows that essence to go into your body.

In the video titled “Water Memory and Structured Memory” (above), they do say that water memory can be changed. Since our physical bodies are made of so much water, when we put more water into our systems that’s been infused with a flower or music (sound) essence, it transfers that memory directly into your “body” of water.


I experimented with the music essences for quite some time before promoting them. Others using them have very different results than I do. But, they have different issues than me. For me, I’ve noticed physical more so than emotional changes. Why is that? It’s probably due to how I look at life and that emotionally, I’m pretty healthy. Much like the layers of an onion, once you have a grip on one thing, you go to the next level. Once we deal with emotional things, the physical stuff seems to come into alignment much quicker.

One of my favorite sound essences (at this time) is the “713 – Deep Restoration” from the album Deep Calls to Deep. I’ve been taking it every day for several months and have noticed a marked improvement in my physical body. After taking nutritional supplements for years (about 20), I noticed that after not taking them (by accident), my body didn’t have a negative reaction. The last time I did that? Uh, not a pleasant experience. Part of my healing protocol now involves a combination of flower and music essences.

Honestly, I didn’t really start seeing lasting changes in my body until I’d been on both flower and music essences for four years. Yes, I do see quick changes with some of the flower essences. When I have back pain, I take “Align” and the pain goes away. To create long lasting changes? I think that requires a length of time being consistent so your body has the memory of what’s in the essence completely infused through your entire being. What also helps me? I really watch what I say over myself. Words create and since your body carries the memory of what you say, I’ve had to make a paradigm shift in what I say and how I treat my body. In other words, for any healing protocol to work to its full potential, you’re gonna have to watch what comes out of your mouth.

Please note!!! If you’re on medications, please don’t stop taking those when you try music or flower essences! I simply added essences into the current healing protocol and after time, I noticed that I no longer needed nutritional supplements. I’ve never been on medications because I have a great naturopath who is able to provide alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Either way, when you start something, do not cut off what you’re already doing. I can’t stress this enough! Over time, if you’re consistent, my guess is that you’ll notice a difference with a natural healing program.

The essences are sold through Freedom Flowers. Click the name at the beginning of the sentence to purchase the essence. Click the title (at the end of the sentence) to read more about the music that went into each essence. My music (sound) essences include:

I hope you enjoy the videos! Feel free to leave feed back below.


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