Is Intent Important?

This post comes after much thought and pondering on the whole idea of intent. A few years ago, I began blogging on how our intent affects us – spirit, soul, and body. What you focus on determines an outcome. More recently, the conversation about intent seems to be a focus, especially in light of scientific research that’s now being brought to the forefront in certain arenas.

As I start this, I’ll explore what’s called the “placebo effect.” Harvard University Medical School wrote an article about it if you want to know more.  In a nutshell, the placebo effect is “used in clinical trials to test the effectiveness of treatments and is most often used in drug studies. For instance, people in one group get the tested drug, while the others receive a fake drug, or placebo, that they think is the real thing. This way, the researchers can measure if the drug works by comparing how both groups react. If they both have the same reaction — improvement or not — the drug is deemed not to work.” (The Power of the Placebo Effect) 

Here’s the interesting part about the placebo effect – many in the group that receive a fake drug have the same positive results as those who get the real drug. This has stumped researchers for years; they chalk it up to chance. Recently, doctors who study the brain, along with alternative health care practitioners and behavioral scientists, are beginning to realize that our mindset has a lot to do with the health and wholeness process. This is where intent comes into the picture.

Change of scene…

Intent must first come from a thought. That thought is then entertained. A thought is mulled over and over in the mind before we decide what to do with it, consciously or unconsciously. Our conscience is where intent is born. Intent always leads to an action – words, taking a pill, following a program, making a life change, etc. As a general rule, we engage in very few spur-of-the-moment decisions. Even when we think a decision is made quickly, there was probably plenty of unconscious brooding over an idea that occurred at some point prior to the action. My article, “Thoughts, Intent, Action!” goes a bit more into these specifics. I wrote another article about how our thoughts can reprogram our DNA. What many consider junk DNA? Uh – it’s not really junk. Everything is within us for a reason. We just don’t yet have all the answers.

One definition of intent says that it’s the state of a person’s mind, directing actions toward a specific target, object, meaning, purpose, or significance. When we intend to do something, it comes with a purpose. There’s motion behind it. But, that motion doesn’t come without thought in front of it. We have three things at work here: (1) thoughts lead to a (2) desire/intent that produces an (3) action. In the placebo effect, the trial participant takes the drug believing it’s going to help. That’s the intent. The stronger the intent, the more powerful the result. That seems to be the gist of several current studies.


Imagine what this looks like for you…

People often ask me which frequencies work best for various life issues. There’s a belief that the perfect frequency is needed. I’ve said many things about the ancient solfeggio frequencies not being what people say they are. However, people BELIEVE they will work so they do. It works much like the placebo effect. Our minds are very powerful! When we put them to good work, amazing things happen! It can go both ways as well. When we focus on negativity, those unhealthy frequencies embed themselves into our being and wreak havoc on us – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I do believe there are frequencies for specific things – some more helpful than others. That being said, we don’t have all the answers! We have an amazing feature that’s built into our being to help us even when we don’t understand how something works. It’s called our imagination and intuition. Thoughts flit through our mind. We entertain them and from there, decide what to do with them. This is often an unconscious decision based on previous experience. Once a decision is made, an action comes next. This can all happen within the span of a few seconds. When it comes to helpful frequencies, I suggest that people choose what feels good to them at that moment. Your being knows what it likes. This is why your musical “menu” can change from day to day.

We can’t live in fear! When we do, it lowers our frequency. Our being doesn’t like fear and always responds negatively! If we’re afraid something isn’t going to work or that we must have the right mix of some healing protocol, we can become stunted. Remember I said that we don’t have all the answers? Do what feels right to you! For example, when I started to create music, I had to simply go with what was coming out of me despite the fact that it sounded different than my usual classical music. Had I been fearful of what people thought, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post. We must listen to the thoughts and intents that bring us into a place of peace and rest, not stress. Hmmm…. there’s a song somewhere in that. 

To make a very long story short, if you desire wholeness in your being and you want frequency music to help you with that process, choose what feels good to you and brings you into a place of love, comfort, joy, etc. With your INTENT, focus on that music carrying your thought frequencies (yes, thoughts have a frequency) into your being. See your thoughts align with the music. Then, direct the two together into your being for a desired result. Laser focus on it! Imagine that you’re a horse with blinders on and all you can see is what’s ahead. There’s no looking to the right, left, or backwards. Look only forward to the finish line of wholeness. Visualize what it looks like. Ponder on being whole. ACT like you’re walking in stronger health even if you only see small amounts of improvement. This isn’t a sprint race! Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race. The key is to be consistent, be mindful of any negativity that might drag you down, and laser focus your intent on seeing a positive result.

My neighbor is a great example of using music for a desired result. I created a “frequency immersion sound bath” for her. During the session, she got a picture of God’s DNA destroying and blasting the cancer cells. After 22 pounds of tumors were taken out of her, she’s now free of cancer. She was supposed to die by now. Her laser focus on the visual of God’s DNA killing the cancer helped her! It will be the same with you when your intent is paired with something positive for a desired result. Put a picture before you! Engage with it! PRACTICE!

To answer my own question – intent is important because it controls every part of how our being responds. If you want to be whole and healthy, then start paying attention to what thoughts you entertain and what comes out of your mouth. Life and death are truly in the power of the tongue!


Are you ready for an activation?

Let’s put this into practice now. Below is a YouTube video of a frequency immersion experience I created for a customer. It’s titled “DNA Cleansing” so that should give you a focus point. Picture all the rotten stuff in your DNA being washed out of you! Spend time every day listening to the music and laser focusing your intent on a desired result. Then, come back here and post how it’s working for you in the comments.

Happy practicing!


© 2021 Del Hungerford