Song of the Year 2021

I believe that we're entering into a very important season. Since the beginning of 2020, stuff has rumbled around within me. When COVID hit in the early months, that encouraged me to look and see what was really going on...

First let me tell you a story… In the spring of 2020, I was at a conference when the lockdowns for COVID-19 began. On the first day, a melody came forth that centered around the notes A & E. There was a sense at the conference that a global reset was coming – not in a bad way but one that was necessary for Creator’s plan in setting things back to an original design. We tend to think because bad stuff is happening that the result is also going to be not so good. However, sometimes there needs to be a shaking so we can see what's no longer needed. Could that perhaps be the case with what's going on in the world right now? 

During the final session of the conference, the A & E melody was released. The moment the notes sounded, there was a shift in the heavenlies. There was a sense that something new was coming and that we were to watch how things played out in the next few months. I pondered what this shift might look and feel like as I continued about my life.

For me, the lockdowns released another creative season. That wasn't obvious from a public view; it was more internal. A change was happening while I continued to collect many puzzle pieces. It was a season for learning more about frequency and how it works in the creative process, especially musical intervals. They play a part in the "sound recipe" of healing modalities. There will be a later blog post on musical intervals as I have more information. You see, when we put our mind to it, even the yuck around us can't stop forward motion as long as we don't stop moving in a positive direction. We simply can't allow the doom and gloom to rule us. Yes, we may notice it's there. But it doesn't have to change our behavior. I chose to not function from a place of fear. I will say that I was annoyed when heading to the grocery store for toilet paper and none was to be had. Even that was eventually taken care of when a friend had plenty where she lived and sent me some!

Moving ahead a few months, on the evening of December 3rd, I found myself singing and releasing the same two notes (A & E) during a significant international prayer meeting. For a full hour, I sang and played them over and over until I sensed that it was time to stop. I was reminded of that day at the conference at some point while I continued to sing and release a sound.... Puzzle pieces began to come together. Then, in another meeting a few days later, the A & E came up again. CLUE!!! When something happens a few times, it's time to pay attention. The entire group participated in releasing these two notes. With our intent, we included motion and sound while some of us played and sang the two notes. We visualized creation coming back into alignment with the way it was intended to function from the beginning of time. We did this through Intent, motion, and sound. They are three things that create a three-stranded cord: a strength that cannot be broken!

A sound is being released as we enter into this next season - a new age. It's to help realign things in BOTH the heavens and earth as we enter the year, 2021. That sound will assist in ushering in an energy that brings alignment where it is needed. In the beginning, God “said.” The word "said" indicates a sound – a frequency. Out of the mouth of Creator came a sound. That sound caused creation to form. His intent paired with a frequency caused an energy so matter could “be.” To be or not to be, that is no longer the question. When we enter that state of be-ing, we are one with Creator – Yahweh. As we agree with Yahweh’s voice, our energy aligns with his sound. In this case, the frequency involved the notes A & E. I don't necessarily know the significance of those two notes. Sometimes we "do" and then have understanding later. When I gain more revelation into that, you'll probably get to read another blog post.

The key to all of this is that when we release a sound with intent, it's very powerful. 

Because I understand the importance of coming into agreement, I created a song while I engaged with a vision of releasing Creator's divine plan from the four corners of the earth. This is where your creative part comes in. (See a bit further down.) If you are interested in joining with me in releasing a sound that ushers in the new year as well as the next shift in ages, consider purchasing the song and activation for the year, 2021. It's a coming into agreement with Yahweh’s plan, which may not be our own. We step into that plan through song, movement, and action! We release our own mindsets of what we think things should look like. Step into peace, rest, and love. From that position, fear has no hold of us. We can then release our song directly from that place of rest.

Calling all artists!

This is your opportunity to create! As you step into the music for this song, “be” who you are meant to be. Are you a dancer? Then, dance. Are you a visual artist? If so, paint or draw. Do you like to move when you hear music? Then, move! Do you like to flag? Grab your flags and move as you feel led. Movement is part of the creative process so join in with your own piece of creation.

When we begin to create out of who we were meant to be, it helps us to release the things in our lives that cause stress. In the midst of chaos, we can still function from a place of peace, love, and rest. It's a choice to step into that place. Music helps with that and when you get into your creative space, your creativeness assists in helping you release the cares of the world. This in turns brings your spirit, soul, and body into greater wholeness. The earth then responds to the joy in us. Are you ready to join in the song?

Listen to a sample of the Song, "A & E" for the year 2021:

The A & E Song of the Year is only $5 and is available as an MP3 download. It comes with an activation written out on a PDF. I also include some key points from this blog post as a focus for intent. The best part? You get to use your own creativeness as you enter in! 

I encourage anyone reading this to get the song and help release peace in and through the year 2021! Since creation responds to us, let's blanket the world with some goodness to override the chaos around us. By joining together in song,, movement, and creative art, no matter where we are, this brings the strength of agreement. It also helps us stay in a place of peace. That helps us make it through these weird times. 

Purchase Song of the Year 2021

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