Mystic Frequency Collaborative

It’s a beautiful summer day in July of 2021. Two amazing musicians are at my home in training to become “Frequency Immersion Practitioners.” (read about it HERE….) Part of the training involves coordinating percussion instruments with crystal bowls. Our first night, we record a drum circle for the purpose of listening to and syncing with one another spontaneously. Immediately following, we create another “song” using crystal bowls, chimes, bells, etc. We focus on playing from the heart. Everything is recorded because you never know what the future holds! This is where it gets rather fascinating…

I comment that I’d like to try putting the two parts together. Those words garner a few raised eyebrows of “How could that possibly work?” The drum part is rather rhythmic and the crystal bowl part more fluid and floaty. In classical music, it’s a compositional technique to combine two opposing ideas to create a different overall sound. To make a long story short, I put the two parts together and it worked. We began to have visions with a sense of direction for a full album. But, what do we call ourselves? We need a name, right!? We’re individual musicians who are together for a single purpose; to learn how to bring people into wholeness – spirit, soul, and body – using frequencies. Because we tend to view things from a more mystic point of view, the name “Mystic Frequency Collaborative” quickly forms in our minds and feels right. It demonstrates there’s no single leader and that we work together to bring the heart of YHVH to those we work with. How do we move forward with this?

The first song, we call Mysteries from Under the Earth because it feels like a conversation between what’s below the earth and what’s above. The problem? What’s below is trying to get out but somehow, it’s voice isn’t yet heard. ¬†We sense this song is a lead-in to a restoration piece for creation. We hear, “The earth invites us to step back into our original call from the very beginning of time. Rhythm has a voice, where it speaks, “Unity!” These are our marching orders – all done in the center of YHVH as we partner with our one true Creator.” We realize there’s more to be said. But how are we to proceed? We understand the first song appears to be realms within dimensions and we’ve only scratched the surface. Something rumbles under the earth, desiring to be released but how do we do it? What’s the purpose? Where do we go from here?

We desire to create and work together in unity. No one single person leads because we listen with our hearts to what “The Orator” says through us. It’s the song of Creator that we simply come into agreement with. We know that all frequency does something. Despite the fact that we don’t understand, we step into the experience believing there’s a purpose. We hear, “Open up! Open up! Mysteries.” There’s more… perhaps another song? What does The Orator have to say next? The only way to find out is listen and let the music flow…

“Mother Earth sings her lullaby – a lullaby of peace as she stands in the midst of The River, speaking to all who step in. Creation joins the song through the sounds in The River. All voices join as one – a union that reminds all who enter that they’re created for a purpose. It’s all about identity. The Orator speaks through those who listen with their hearts. As they entrain and entangle with His frequency, The Sound of Many Waters joins the song where all creation is brought to a place of rest and peace. Out of the voice of YHVH, the sound carries far and wide, inviting all to step into The River to live from this position for all eternity. This is the sound of the New Jerusalem!”

During the second song – Peace in the River, we realize it’s really the final piece where we’re bathed in the pure love and light of YHVH. This is a position where we desire to always live because nothing negative can live or breathe in the presence of pure love. There’s no anxiety, worry, strife, depression, or anger. How do we get to this place? What more can we do? We sense there’s one more – a transitional song before Peace in the River that presents part of an answer…

“Creation dances and parties as it realizes we’re called to work together. An awakening occurs as all let their voices be heard. There’s no fear or trepidation as every creature joins with The One Voice. Sounds entrain and intermingle with The Orator’s. Each who participates finds his or her true identity. From here, they are all invited to step into The River. There’s huge celebrations where all dance and sing. Joy enters, bringing freedom to all those who are oppressed. Releasing Joy is the key to freedom. A transition is announced where we go back to the light – right at the very beginning of Time. Here, we learn what we’ve forgotten so we can bring it forward into our own time. There’s a cutting through and a release as a rumble is heard from deep within the earth as it wakes up. All who hear are invited to step into their true identity. It’s a birthing, which is only temporarily disruptive. The birthing is learning to live in a world full of YHVH’s pure love. Are we ready to step in?

As the “Mystic Frequency Collaborative,” we believe this is a first step into an amazing adventure of a restoration process through the use of frequencies. All we do is open ourselves up to the mysteries. It requires a willingness to step in where fear cannot lead. Only Love leads. We join with the voice of The Orator as we share what we see, sense, hear, and feel. Who else will join us on this journey of music making that speaks into the restoration of creation? Only time will tell.

If you’d like to purchase the first album, listen to samples below and then click on the link to make your secure purchase.


  • Joanne Dusatko – vocals, percussion, and Tibetan bowls
  • Del Hungerford – vocals, percussion, keyboard, crystal bowls, and Native American flute
  • Kathi Rabil – vocals, percussion, and crystal bowls



  1. Mysteries from Under the Earth
  2. Release!
  3. Peace in the River
NOTE: Each song is about 20 minutes in length for over 60 minutes of music!




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Watch the video where we talk about creating the music…