But Words Will Never Hurt Me – WORKBOOK


A companion book to “But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A Story of Overcoming Abuse.” Available as a PDF download HERE on Healing Frequencies Music!


“But Words Will Never Hurt Me: Workbook” by Del Hungerford

NOTE: This workbook is to be used with “But Words Will Never Hurt Me: A Story of Overcoming Abuse.” 

Each chapter in the workbook corresponds with a chapter in the book. Those who read the book are encouraged to go through the workbook at the same time. Here’s a list of helpful hints:

  • What is abusive behavior and how does it relate to my situation?
  • What are the definitions of abuse? How do I see them playing out in my situation?
  • How can I regain control in areas where it’s been taken away from me?
  • How can I best move forward into a better life?

Other additional tools:

  • Complete exercises that help build self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Learn how to move from an victim to an overcomer.

The PDF version of the book is available from Healing Frequencies Music. It’s 132 pages.