EMDR Music for the Emotions



“EMDR Music for the Emotions” is to assist the listener in working through emotional traumas and life situations. Available ONLY as a download.

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EMDR is the acronym for “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.” It’s a method of trauma therapy used by health care professionals that mimics REM (rapid eye movement) sleep patterns. Because it’s been so successful, many mental health professionals are beginning to utilize the EMDR techniques, which often involve the use of “bilateral music” where it pans gently from left to right. NOTE: EMDR music works best when using headsets or earbuds. 

Del Hungerford has created instrumental music in the bilateral style from several of her albums. The music included in “EMDR Music for the Emotions” is:

PLEASE NOTE: the EDMR album “New Hope” also has two songs that are in this album. Buyers can choose between the two albums depending on which third song they want.