Iyar 5780 Song of the Month


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Del Hungerford creates a song with a voice-over activation for each Hebrew month. Normally, a “sale” outside those who subscribe isn’t offered to the general public. Why? Because there’s a flow from month to month that you miss when purchasing only one month at a time. However, there are specific circumstances that warrant certain months being made available as an individual sale. The month of Iyar in the year 5780 is one of those months. The song and activation is quiet and peaceful for the intention of helping those transition through a world crisis into the “new” from that position of rest. This activation can also assist those going through any local, family, or personal crisis, too!


In this download, you’ll receive the following:

  • An MP3 file of the instrumental music (over 15 minutes in length)
  • An MP3 file with a voice-over activation to the instrumental music (nearly 23 minutes in length)
  • A PDF instruction sheet explaining the details for the month of Iyar and the activation.
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The month of Nissan starts the Jewish new year. Nissan is the “exodus” month where the Israelites left slavery behind. We then transition into Iyar which is where they began their desert wandering for 40 years. That may seem a bit drab but when you are learning how to live in a new paradigm with everything around you completely strange, it is not an instant process. Imagine what it was like to be in slavery for their entire lives and suddenly, they are free! Some did not understand how to deal with this change and wanted to go back into what was known because it was more predictable than the unknown. There is no easy button for change. 

The Israelites began the exodus in the month of Nissan and into their wilderness journey during Iyar. That’s when God promised the diseases (plagues) of Egypt would not touch them. Iyar is a month for healing, resetting, and focusing on what’s ahead. It’s a launching into unknown territory, which pretty much explains where the world is in 2020.

The activation is nearly 23 minutes long. There are many pieces to it, which added to the length. But, given where we are right now, I made it as long as it needed to be and didn’t consider time as a factor. I sense that many are carefully considering what’s ahead of us. The activation is meant to assist in bringing us into peace and rest so that we’re able to step into and through a healing and wholeness journey as we walk through uncertainties over the next few months. I encourage you to continue this activation several times per week and even beyond the month of Iyar.

The music is very peaceful and ambient in nature. It’s meant to create a mood of peace and tranquility so you can bring your entire being into that place of rest as you enter into the activation. The note “G” is the main focus, which according to many is a very healing note. Feedback on the song Life Restored from my album “Open Heaven” focuses on testimonies about physical healing. That song is in the key of G. I find it interesting that the letter Vav (for the month if Iyar) is represented by the note G as well. And, Iyar is a month where healing is a key focus.

May you be blessed above all you could ask or think as you walk through the month of Iyar into new and exciting things as the world rebuilds over the next few months!



Listen to a lengthy SAMPLE of the instrumental music for Iyar…