Song of the Year 2021


Song of the Year 2021 comes with a twenty-minute instrumental song and instructional PDF

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Get ready to shift in 2021!

This twenty-minute instrumental song comes with an activation that is meant to help you step into and through the year 2021 from a peaceful and restful position. We learn to leave fear, anxiety, and frustration behind when we’re at peace. This song is about releasing a frequency – a frequency of hope, peace, and joy as we partner with Creator’s love for our universe.

In the beginning, God “said.” That is a sound – a frequency. Out of the mouth of our Creator came a sound. That sound caused creation to form. His intent paired with a frequency caused an energy so matter could “be.” To be or not to be, that is no longer the question. When we enter that state of be-ing, we are one with Creator – Yahweh. As we agree with Yahweh’s voice, our energy aligns with his sound.

Step into that sound through 2021 so we can function in who we were created to “be.”

Sound sample:



You’ll get…

  • A twenty-minute instrumental song
  • A PDF instruction sheet

Calling all artists!

This is your opportunity to create! As you step into the music for this song, “be” who you are meant to be. Are you a dancer? Then, dance. Are you a visual artist? If so, paint or draw. Do you like to move when you hear music? Then, move! Do you like to flag? Grab your flags and move as you feel led. Movement is part of the creative process so join in with your own piece of creation.


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