Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance

It all started with the “528 Creative DNA” album that I recorded in June of 2016.  Sometimes, you never know what rabbit hole you will go down…

Accessing Spiritual InheritanceSeneca and I came up with an interesting idea to make a music essence while recording the “528 Creative DNA” album. I’m thinking “This is an interesting idea… never done it before but why not!?” After some research, I found that music essences really do exist. If you’ve read previous posts, you’ll know that Seneca is with Freedom Flowers.  Since what we both do is based on frequency, it would only seem natural that we’d find a way to link our products together. Our rabbit hole? A music essence with the same name as the album.

As with anything, you gotta try it out and see what it does! So, down the rabbit hole we went! Alice, who has an emotional and spiritual healing practice, was one of our guinea pigs. Seneca sent out samples of the music essence for people to try, not telling them what it was. Alice was unaware the essence she received was a MUSIC essence. Since she did the cover art for the album, I had already sent her the music.

Long story short… while taking the “528 Creative DNA” music essence, Alice had a vision where she was able to access some of the inheritances left untouched and/or unused by her ancestors. Seneca, who was also taking the 528 music essence got a bit jealous of Alice’s experience and had her own. Well, I’m the oddball in the group (no comment from the peanut gallery…) and I wound up in my own bloodstream and in my heart, watching a cleansing process of my ancestral line. At the time of my experience, I was unaware of Alice’s. Hmmm….

As a side note here… you don’t need the “528 Creative DNA” music or essence for this to work. But, it does help, especially if you’re new to all of this and need a little spurring-on-of-the-imagination. 

What!? We wrote a book?

After sharing our experiences with one another, we recognized a common theme. Both Seneca and Alice work with people who are looking for emotional and spiritual healing. My part is providing music that helps bring people to a place of peace and comfort in their body, soul, and spirit. That we had similar experiences taking the 528 music essence (frequency essence) was truly amazing. What if others could benefit from this? Thus began our journey to put together a book to help others go down their own rabbit hole.

woman in worshipWe have a little Alice in Wonderland allegory lightly woven throughout. Just as the original Alice drank a little potion to get through a door in an alternate dimension, so did our Alice. 

In the book, Alice provides a template for others to follow. What’s cool is that all three of us have bits and pieces that tie in together so those walking the same path we did, can start with a guide to help them along their way.

Alice works with ancestral cleansing in her inner healing practice.  Seneca provides the “potions” that can assist in bringing people to a “revelatory” place through flower and music essences. My part is providing the music and what Seneca calls me – a “spiritual travel agent.” I do that work on my other site called Supernatural Lessons. There you have it… ancestral cleansing, essences to help with the emotions, and music. It’s what we call our “tri-fecta.”

Special Deal!

Accessing Your Spiritual InheritanceFor those who purchase the Kindle book on Amazon by November 21st, you’ll receive a FREE download of a guided practice that I walk you through with the “528 Creative DNA” music playing in the background. All you have to do is send your confirmation e-mail of purchase to this e-mail: You’ll then receive an e-mail with the coupon code and a link to download the MP3.

And, Seneca has a deal that once you’ve read the book and can provide a report of at least 500 words on how the template worked for you, she’ll give you a FREE bottle of a bouquet blend (of your choice). CLICK HERE for the blog post where she discusses it. This is an ongoing offer so, get the book, read it, follow the template, and then report back to Seneca.

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Please let us know how you like the book!

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