Frequencies of Creation: Part 3

Our DNA matches frequencies found in creation! That might be a bold statement still needing to be confirmed through a variety of studies. In Part 2 in the Frequency of Creation series, the note from the beginning of time was introduced. That note is F-sharp (F#). And, it connects to the frequencies within our DNA.

Several years ago, I found an article by another musician - Susan Alexjander. The article is titled, The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases: Science and Art. We had a couple of conversations via email concerning that article. Her purpose was to create a musical composition. By the time I found her article, I realized the connections between frequencies within the cosmos and human DNA. It would only make sense that we entrain (come into alignment) with the very thing(s) we are connected to. I mentioned in Part 1 of this series that when patterns become known, pay attention! By now, you can probably guess what musical frequencies are part of DNA! Alexjander coordinated with biologist, Dr. David Deamer for her recording project. Together, Deamer and Alexjander worked on "a science/art project which consisted of measuring the vibrational frequencies of the four DNA base molecules, translating them into ‘sound,’ programming them into a Yamaha synthesizer." 

We'll explore more of Alexjander's article but first, be sure to read Parts 1 and 2 of the series. They help bring everything into perspective in what you'll read in this article. 

Click on the buttons to read Parts 1 and 2 of the Frequency of Creation series. In Part 2, you were introduced to the following points where we take that information and create additional foundational pieces for Part 3:

  • Musical Frequencies of the Hebrew letters
  • The "God" interval
  • The "God" interval in creation

DNA Music

As you've probably guessed by now, the musical notes most prominent in the four DNA bases align with the F# Major scale. There are still many "why?" questions that come out of Alexjander's article but for now, they shall remain in that position until I have more information. Here, the purpose is to show connecting research that appears to be fitting into the patterns of the universe - including on the earth. 

Alexjander discusses the properties of the frequencies in the DNA bases. At one point she states, "The pitch which shows up the most frequently and ought to have asserted itself as a tonic, or tonal center, is F#. It is found no less than three times in each base collection. But instead it is its fifth, the C#, which acts as the organizing force." 

I encourage you to read Alexjander's full article. In it, she provides a chart showing where the 60 micro-tones fit on a keyboard. On another chart, she provides all the frequencies (in Hz)

Connecting the Dots...

Based on the first three articles in this series, here's what we know so far:

  • The sound at the beginning of time was an F#.
  • Out of that sound, the first harmonics heard were the m3 and the M3 (notes A - A#). This doesn't line up with our current natural harmonic series. The reason for that is unknown at this time. 
  • It seems that musical intervals are important in a creative process. The hypothesis for this will be explained in a future article. 
  • Specific musical notes do have a place on another dimensional plane. However, everything is still connected: each part having a specific role.
  • The musical frequencies of the name of God (Yahweh) outline the interval of a m3 (minor third).
  • The musical frequencies in the name of Yeshua outline the main intervals of a M3 and m3 (Major third and minor third)
  • It seems that "out of a sound," creation began. In that sound was the voice of Yahweh and Yeshua. From that point, creation moved forward. 
  • Our DNA bases are composed of notes that strongly suggest F# and C# are "major players." However, C# (the P5 of F#) appears to act as the organizing force. NOTE: P5 = Perfect 5th. 

The Great Pyramid of Giza

I mentioned early on in this article that we are strongly connected to everything in the universe. There are MANY examples of how this works but for now, we'll stick to one example of how we see that with things on earth - the Great Pyramid of Giza. Over the years, many have tried to explain what the Great Pyramid of Giza was used for. Acoustical scientists have been to the pyramid many times, taking a variety of measurements. I found a video by a YouTuber named "The Why Files." In his video titled, "Tesla Knew the Secret of the Great Pyramid: Unlimited Energy to Power the World," the show's host, along with HeckleFish (his fishy sidekick), explore the energetic properties of the Great Pyramid.

I'll have to say that I really like this guy! He actually provides links to all his sources below his videos, which tells me he's a good researcher. Because he's not a musician, he made some comments that don't make musical sense when it came to discussing the musical frequencies evident inside the pyramid. He provided all the original sources so, I watched all the videos, helping me understand the concept. If this interests you, please watch The Why Files video. In the description section below the video, you'll find all the sources.

Here's the cliff notes version of what I discovered watching those videos. I'll say that even HeckleFish was quiet during much of the video presentation. After all, there's a reason he has that name. 

  • The grand gallery leading up to the King's chamber at one time had "resonators" in them. That is evident on the walls.
  • The resonant frequency of the grand gallery is 440 Hz. That's the A above middle C on the piano. 
  • Inside the King's chamber and up above it are large granite slabs that are smooth on the bottom and rough on the top. Scientists couldn't figure out the reason until...
  • They recorded the ambient sounds within the chamber itself. With the room quiet, recording equipment picked up the natural sound of the King's Chamber. Researchers realized the sound was coming from the slabs above the chamber. 
  • The slabs above the chamber acted as another set of resonators.
  • The sound within the King's chamber creates an F# Major triad (F#, A#, and C#).
  • The sound from the grand gallery suggests an f# minor triad is first introduced. That then morphs into an F# Major triad.  
  • Again, we have prominent use of both the m3 and M3 intervals in the Great Pyramid of Giza within the structure of the key of F#. 

What Does This Mean?

Let's do a musical analysis of the grand gallery leading into the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid. In the grand gallery, there's a single resonating note - A. That sound moves through the grand gallery before it enters the bottom of the king's chamber. At that point, it "meets" the F# Major chord (triad) inside the king's chamber. In a sense, at the bottom of the king's chamber, it might feel like an f# minor triad but at the top below the slabs, it becomes an F# Major triad. 

Let's have a mini music theory lesson here... 

  1. An f# minor triad is F# - A - C#.
  2. To make the triad Major, raise the A to A#. You now have F# - A# - C#

In Part 2 of this series, I point out the importance of these two intervals - M3 and m3. ALL basic Major and minor chords are solely made up of Major and minor thirds! NOTE: This only includes the three main notes; there are chords with more than three notes. In a major chord, the first interval is a M3. In the example as listed in point #2 above, it's F# to A#  which is a M3. The second interval is a m3. In this example, it's A# to C# which is the interval of a m3.

In a minor triad, the intervals are reversed. In point #1 above, we see that an f# minor triad is spelled F# - A - C#. The first interval between F# to A is a m3. The second interval between A - C# is a M3. Basically, the intervals flip the order for Major and minor chords. 

See how it looks on a piano keyboard


It appears to be more than a coincidence that the frequencies and musical intervals within creation connect mankind with creation itself. Does this have implications? If so, what are they?

We can see through the resonant frequencies within the Great Pyramid, the ancients understood the power of frequency. How did they know what frequencies to use? Well, if we listen with our inner being, we often know. The problem with modern society is that we're so hooked on outside sources that our inner conscience is often put on the back burner and ignored. When we don't exercise what comes from within us, it's easy to forget its there. 

In addition to the key points addressed earlier, we can now add additional factors:

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza has a resonating frequency of both the f# minor triad and the F# Major triad.
  • Both chords are built of Major and minor thirds.
  • Both chords fit within the structure of human DNA
  • Both chords fit within the first sounds that came "at the beginning."
  • The intervals of the m3 and M3 are prominent and are evident in the names of both Yahweh and Yeshua as seen through the musical frequencies of the Hebrew letters.
  • The interval of a m2 is also important. We see that in raising the m3 to a M3 which is evident in all the examples discussed to this point, including the names of Yahweh (YHVH - m3 only) and Yeshua (YHSVH has three intervals:  m2 - M3 - m3). A more in-depth description of this is outlined in Part 2. 

Next time, we'll look at how shapes fit within this same structure. There may be another surprise or so that I'll add into the mix just to have a bit more fun with this. 

Del Hungerford, November 2022


the corresponding video to this post. In the video, I demonstrate the difference between Major and minor chords in addition to the various intervals that are important in the musical harmonic series.