Healing Music and How to Listen to It

Over the past few months, I’ve had several conversations with people about how they use music as part of a healing process. In the blog post “Healing Protocols,” I present that consistency is important with whatever healing protocol you choose.

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Have you ever heard a song you fell in love with and played it over and over? You could never get enough of it, much to the dismay of those around who probably had all the lyrics memorized within the first day or two. Why is it that we choose to hear the same music over and over again? More than likely, there’s something within us that really resonates with the music and we simply can’t get enough of it. This goes both ways – good or bad. Pay attention to your emotions at the time and you’ll have a good idea if the song is “feeding” positive or negative emotions. I don’t know about you but I prefer to listen to music that uplifts me. So, when choosing healing music, pay attention to how it really makes you feel… deep inside.

I have a friend whose husband struggles with sleeping well at night. He found that by playing my music while sleeping, he wakes up feeling more rested and ready for the day. Another friend says she puts on certain tunes when she feels anxious. Yet another friend will put on specific tunes when she’s in physical pain. Me? I have the music playing 24/7. Why? In order for me to understand what it can do for others, I have to experience it myself.

After having healing music playing in my home for nearly two years, I’m beginning to notice some positive changes. First of all, there is often different music playing in other parts of the house, too. And, there is no TV or radio to bring added possible unwanted frequencies. I’m practicing what I’ve suggested to others by limiting what comes into my home. How can I suggest to others what to do if I’m not willing to try it myself?

The results of my two-year experiment? I have found that consistency with anything is the major key to having any desired results. If you find music that’s helpful, play it all the time. Inundate your atmosphere with frequencies (music, thoughts, words, etc.) that will “frame” a world you wish to live in. You don’t have to play music loud. In fact, I’ve talked with lots of people who say the rest of their family wouldn’t put up with music constantly playing in the background. I find that interesting considering that people often have the TV on 24/7. Uh, yeah… negative news, gloom and doom, sitcoms that glorify dysfunction, and other shows that pride themselves in making fun of people. Woo hoo! I want those frequencies in my house…. NOT! If those you live with don’t like your choice of music, playing it in your own space quietly is good enough. That seems to be the word on the street from those who have tried it.

Back to my own results… For me, I’ve noticed several things:

  • Physically, much of the pain in my lower back has gone away. A combination of music, flower essences, and declarations are all part of my “healing protocol.” I use the 528 Creative DNA music essence along with the 713 music essence (made from the song “Deep Restoration”). The flower essences vary depending on what’s going on in my life at the time.
  • The nutritional supplements I had been on for over 25 years, I no longer need.
  • I haven’t been sick in a very long time.
  • My home has a much more peaceful atmosphere that’s noticeable to all who come onto my property. People come and don’t want to leave. In fact, I have more animals hanging out in my yard than ever before. Yes, we even have a resident moose (see picture).
  • There are additional things I do spiritually, which I won’t get into here. If this interests you, check out my other website. CLICK HERE for that link.

Marvin the Moose

People ask me all the time how to “listen” to my music. My suggestion is simple… find something that works and be consistent. Your likes and needs may change daily so why not play a variety? There are others who also put out healing music. If any of their selections resonate with you, make a playlist of various artists. If you like streaming services such as Spotify or Pandora, my music is available there, too. Play the music 24/7, even if it’s at a volume that you can barely hear. Frequency doesn’t need volume to be “heard” in the spirit realm. Remember, human ears have a very limited range of hearing.

Let me repeat this… play it, play it, and play it some more. Don’t stop! Most of us try things for a little while and if it doesn’t work, we quit. We live in a microwave world that wants immediate results. Sorry, but healing generally doesn’t work that way. The more consistent we are with a “healing plan,” the better. Honestly, I didn’t start seeing noticeable long range results for at least a year. When the back pain was intense after chopping wood, for example, I would take a specific flower essence and that would help the pain. What I’m talking about are those long-lasting changes in my overall health by being consistent with my healing protocol.

Energy Field

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I’m one that doesn’t “do” sick. So, when the yuckies try to come on my body, there are things I’ve had in place for at least twenty years where I’ve practiced being consistent with what comes out of my mouth. I “frame” what a sickness has the right to do in my body with my words and declarations. I’m not perfect and have missed it, especially when going through a tough marriage. I had to walk out my choices during that time and it took about ten years to get back on track. What I do now is practice being proactive. I try to nip it in the bud before some unwanted stupidity of an illness says to me “I’m coming at you!” Again, I have some things I do spiritually that are part of my health protocol.

If you find yourself inundated with sickness on your body, check to see if there are emotional roots causing those physical symptoms and illnesses. We’ve all been there and have emotional traumas that have affected us physically. This is where music, flower essences, and emotional healing sessions make a perfect healing package combination. Want more information? Check out Freedom Flowers for a list of essences that will help you. There’s more information under the Resources tab, too.

The third time of saying the same thing is a charm. The best way to listen to my music or any other healing music is to have it play a lot if you want the best results. The more you play it, the sooner you will notice consistent results. The frequencies intended for healing purposes in music work better when you inundate yourself and your surroundings with the atmosphere you wish to create. EMDR music is great for those going through trauma counseling.

Happy listening!


Here’s a quick video I made on how to listen to healing music. Enjoy!



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