Healing Protocols

This may seem like an interesting way to talk about healing but, with everything that we do, there has to be some consistency in order to get the best results. A protocol can be defined as “the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions” (according to Wikipedia).

Play along with me here… We are in “charge” of our physical bodies. We can either be good to them or abuse them. We’re good or bad to our bodies via food, activity (or lack thereof), among a myriad of other things. So, in a sense we “govern” our bodies and should take control of what we put into them. This includes our words, thoughts, and intents. Negative people who are always focusing on the bad things that happen or who feed on negative stuff as their regular “diet” of thoughts, words, and intents often suffer a lot of physical issues. I do believe there are scientific studies showing how what we say really does affect our bodies. Check out this article for more on that subject… “SCIENTIST PROVES DNA CAN BE REPROGRAMMED BY WORDS AND FREQUENCIES.”

Many people ask me how to use music for the purposes of healing. Since the intent of my music is for healing and restoration of the body, soul, and spirit, I get asked almost daily how my music can be used to aid in the healing process.

I will follow that question up with another question… When you go to the medical doctor and he/she prescribes medications or supplements, do you take them only when you feel like it? Do you feel it’s a good idea to follow the doctor’s instructions? I’ve been on very few medications throughout my life but I’ve taken enough to know there’s a prescription written on the bottle with how many times a day to take the meds, whether to take them with food or on an empty stomach… blah… blah… That’s a type of “healing protocol” because you’re being given instructions on what to do and when to do it. If you follow the doctor’s orders, you should get better, right?

This may seem a bit goofy but a few years ago, I really took seriously how what we say really affects us. I don’t like being sick and believe that I can walk in good health. I joke with people saying that I gave up being sick for Lent a few years ago, which usually gets a chuckle or two. For the most part, I’m healthy, on zero medications, and live a lifestyle where I focus on the positive instead of the negative. And, I’m rarely sick. I’ve gone through a lot of emotional trauma, just like most everyone else. But, I don’t live out of the trauma or focus on the “would have, could have, or should have” in life. The difference for me is focusing my thoughts, words, and intents on living out of wholeness and who Creator intended me to be.

The answer?

Consider that you’ve added music, emotional healing sessions (or decent counseling), and something else… such as flower essences. Everyone is going to tell you that if you follow certain protocols, the chances of improving are higher. The short answer to the question on how long to listen to healing music should now be obvious. Listening to a song (or songs) only a few times, or even sporadically, is going to have the same results as not taking prescribed medications as directed. I have no scientific proof that listening to certain music can be helpful other than reading customer reviews of the healing music that’s available. We also know from experience that we choose our music based on how we are feeling at any given time. I do have healing music playing 24/7 at my house. People notice a difference when they walk in so that must mean something.

Whether you are new to alternative methods of healing or have been doing it for years, my recommendation is that when listening to music that resonates within your body, soul, and spirit – listen on a fairly regular basis. BE CONSISTENT! I can’t say that enough! In fact, consider having it play all the time. Add music to other stuff you’re doing to bring your body, soul, and spirit back into alignment with Creator’s original design for you. I do believe you’ll see some positive results. However… you’ll have to watch what you say so negative junk doesn’t counteract all the good things you’re doing.

If you’re interested in trying out some of my healing music, consider music to put on repeat all day. The following albums would work quite nicely for “chill” music to be played in the home: I AM, Open Heaven, Cleansing Fire, Open Gates, 528 Creative DNA, and New Hope.

I’ll leave you with one of my dad’s favorite sayings when I was a kid. I was a major loudmouth and things would simply spew out of my mouth without me thinking much about the consequences of my words…

“Be sure brain is engaged before putting mouth in gear.” 

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