Music to Compliment Emotional Roots and Physical Symptoms Chart

In this blog post, I combine all of the information from my first 8 albums where I put together physical symptoms and possible emotional roots. Information from all eight blog posts is here all in one place for your perusal!

Click on the album title to hear samples of the music and see what I’ve said about that specific album.

I AMI AM – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 1





  • Physical: addictions, Bulimia, depression, heart, blood, face problems, stuttering, acne
  • Emotional: unable to think rationally, disapproval of self, self-rejection, despair, avoid wanting to feel, mistaken self-image, inability to accept self, unsatisfied needs never met, feeling unable to meet expectations, your own identity, problems with relationships, self-criticism, unable to express self, emotionally insecure, having to always please authority figures.

Love Abounds – SONG

  • Physical: Heart, diabetes, incurable diseases, mono
  • Emotional: needing love, needing to focus, judging self of others severely, disappointed in life, ongoing feelings of sorrow, emotional shock, obsessed with wanting to control, resentment and hurt, not feeling approval of others, difficult time forgiving others and self, in a relationship that hurts, long standing condemnation of self and others, struggle with forgiveness of situations and people of the past, feeling unloved and unworthy.


  • Physical: memory, Alzheimer’s, dementia, neck problems, throat, tinnitus, thyroid
  • Emotional: confidence, trust, faith, lack of control over life, feeling helpless/hopeless, unresolved anger, tired of life’s struggles, inflexible state of mind, not wanting to yield to opinions you think are wrong, non-acceptance and rejection of others, swallowed emotional hurts, not having your own way, anger being restrained, confusion, not able to discern, deep sense of frustration/anxiety, fear of self-expression, self-rejection, guilt

Life Source – SONG

  • Physical: nervous system, heart, blood, blood pressure, depression, circulation problems, chronic fatigue, inflammation, Leukemia, nerves, Varicose veins
  • Emotional: need peace and tranquility, feeling powerless in some area of life, deep anger, intense depression, not feeling joy in life, fear, low self-esteem, feeling overloaded, discouragement, need to prove self, helpless, hopeless, boredom, burn-out, not enjoying place in life, can’t forgive self or others, in a relationship that hurts, rage, wanting to run away.

Open HeavenOpen Heaven – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 2




Open Heaven – ALBUM

  • Physical: Alzheimer’s, physical pain, Hodgkin’s disease
  • Emotional: inability to accept self, need to prove self, self-rejection, guilt

Life Restored – SONG

  • Physical: aches, back, headaches, migraines, Aids, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy, pain
  • Emotional: repressed anger and frustration, “I must experience pain,” needing love, feeling alone, needing to be held and loved, sadness, hopelessness, nobody cares, not good enough, deep rooted anger, feeling no support, emotionally burdened, frustration, agitated, anxious, frustrated, lack self- confidence, tension and stress, can’t resolve emotional upsets, unpleasant relationships, inability to face issues, hurt feelings go unexpressed, unable to flow easily with life, dislike being pushed, wants control, can’t handle pressure for long periods of time

Joyous Hope – SONG

  • Physical: abdominal pain, Alzheimer’s, acid reflux, obesity, hypoglycemia, intestinal issues
  • Emotional: fearful, relationship issues, insecurity, feeling inferior, unable to cope, suppressed anger, feeling helpless/hopeless, hidden anger, resistance to forgiving, need for protection, no joy in life, feeling overwhelmed, seeking love, stuffed feelings, trying to fulfill self, wanting to live in the past, desire to stay in comfort zone, self-rejection

Open Heaven – SONG

  • Physical: ulcers, autoimmune system, Lupus, nervous breakdown, post nasal drip
  • Emotional: feeling helpless, want to give up, deep grief, laugh on outside but crying on the inside, anxiety, need to conform, feels like a martyr, worry over details, frustration when things don’t go your way, pressures are too much to bear, fear of tension, seeking revenge, feelings of conflict, want to give up, fear of future, inability to communicate true feelings, anxiety, confusion, inner grief.

Into the DeepInto the Deep – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 3




Into the Deep – ALBUM

  • Physical: Cancer, inflammation, Leukemia
  • Emotional: intense depression, repressed anger, feeling emptiness in life, self-rejection, no desire to live, carrying life’s burdens, unresolved emotional burdens, unforgiveness, wanting to get even, hatred, rage

Open Door – SONG

  • Physical: lungs, digestion, arthritis, depression, incurable disease, asthma
  • Emotional: self-critical, critical of others, holding onto hostile feelings, long term anger, depression, reliving childhood fears, suppressed sorrow, over-sensitive, chronic anxiety and fear, grief, feels life is monotonous, not feeling approval, long standing condemnation of self and others, struggles with forgiveness of past situations and people, fear of abandonment

Into the Deep – SONG

  • Physical: viruses, infections, yeast, fibromyalgia, deep rooted illnesses, colon, fungus, inflammation, jaw problems, Crohn’s
  • Emotional: bottled up hate, inability to let go of past, allowing past to rule now, belief that “I get everything that comes along,” bitterness and ugliness overshadow the good in life, feelings of hostility, feelings of suspicion and annoyance, feelings of anger being manifested, rage, subconsciously wanting revenge, inability to express how you feel, feelings of insecurity, unable to let go and flow with life, extreme self-rejection, abandonment.

Waves of SpiritWaves of Spirit – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 4




Waves of Spirit – ALBUM

  • Physical: alcoholism, anorexia
  • Emotional: worthlessness, self-rejection, inadequacy, unresolved negative emotions, afraid to feel, self-rejection

Waves of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: blood, stroke, generational physical issues, depression, hay fever, menstrual problems, pancreas
  • Emotional: feeling powerless, deep anger, fear, can’t flow with life, intense depression, unresolved rages or fear, grief or sadness, repressed aggression, wanting to get even, feelings of guilt, extreme resistance, reject life at a deep level, self-violence, want to give up, unresolved guilt, how self-esteem, feelings of judgment

Wings of Spirit – SONG

  • Physical: pain, energy, memory, brain, bladder and kidney issues, Sciatica, urinary
  • Emotional: putting blame on others for your problems, allowing another to irritate you, nervousness, high anxiety, unable to control life, unresolved deep seeded sadness, wishing you could quite, unable to release ideas/things no longer needed, over concern for money, job, and health, obsessed with any lack of order, trying to control life, being over judgmental, emotional confusion, repressed emotions, unfounded criticism of others, hardened anger, mental anxiety regarding creative abilities, double-minded.

Deep Waters – SONG

  • Physical: eyes, gall bladder, gall stones, incurable diseases, rheumatism, stomach
  • Emotional: bitterness, remorse/regret, feeling unfulfilled, resentment, hurt, inability to see truth, can’t see your own self-worth, anger, being unyielding, pride, unable to forgive, long standing condemnation of self and others, victim mentality, want revenge, sense of security feels threatened, lack affection, condemning success of others, unhappy

Cleansing FireCleansing Fire – Prophetic Musical Journey, Part 5




Cleansing Fire – ALBUM

  • Physical: candida, hernia
  • Emotional: anger, anger at self, not able to understand own emotions, resentment multiplying inside, unresolved negative feelings, blaming others on a subconscious level, feeling burdened, punishing self

Abiding Love – SONG

  • Physical: MS, chronic fatigue, diabetes, Osteoporosis, mono, psoriasis, spleen
  • Emotional: despair, desolation, no will to live, low self-esteem, judge self and others severely, disappointed in life, emotional shock, joy of life is gone, obsessed with wanting to control, can’t be flexible, unreceptive to new ideas, blames self, unforgiving of self and others, not feeling supported in life, unloved, feeling unworthy, emotional insecurity, unresolved and deep seeded feelings surfacing that hurt, lack of self-love, emotional conflicts, feelings of intense anger/antagonism/agitation

Cleansing Fire – SONG

  • Physical: blood, DNA, joints, marrow, burns, immune system, shoulder issues
  • Emotional: feeling powerless, deep anger, intense depression, not feeling joy in life, stagnant thinking, unable to flow with life, fear, giving up, everything is out of my control, I’m, not good enough, There’s no use trying, life is too great of a burden to bear, lacking in courage, carry stressful responsibilities, carry burdens that aren’t your to carry, life is a tough struggle, feelings of helplessness/hopelessness, inability to trust life.

Into His PresenceInto His Presence




Into His Presence – ALBUM

  • Physical: pelvis, respiratory, suicidal, fatigue
  • Emotional: needing to feel grounded, needing love, fear of living life to fullest, unable to resolve life’s problems, everyone would be better off without me

Running to Him – SONG

  • Physical: Lupus, allergies, endometriosis, hemorrhoids,
  • Emotional: want to move forward, suppressed weeping, feeling stifled, unresolved sadness, frustration, insecurity, lack of self-love, wanting to blame problems on others, inability to let go of past, emotional block where mate is concerned, fear and tension, feeling pressured or anxious, ongoing feelings of being burdened, self-rejection

The Wedding – SONG

  • Physical: arthritis, carpel tunnel, insomnia, Lou Gehrig’s
  • Emotional: depression, mental fatigue, sleep issues, need to feel loved and appreciated, over sensitive, feeling dominated by parent, suppressed sorrow, chronic anxiety, fear, reliving childhood fears, feeling life isn’t fair, overwork along with emotional stress, sever self-criticism, controlling personality, deep seeded guilt, not forgiving self, holding record of wrongs, low self esteem

Into His Presence – SONG

  • Physical: Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, phlebitis, thymus, yeast infections
  • Emotional: denying self-joy, wanting full control, fears not being able to control, despair, desolation, no will to live, low self-esteem, “I’m not supposed to be happy,” no way out, feeling trapped, life isn’t fair, feeling picked on and persecuted and unprotected, deep and unresolved resentments, lack of self-love, unable to accept self, not recognizing own needs

Open GatesOpen Gates




Open Gates – ALBUM

  • Physical: chronic disease, chronic fatigue, chronic illnesses
  • Emotional: distrusts process of life, need to change for the better, despair, feeling totally alone, hopelessness, no will to live, low self-esteem

Spirit Awakens – SONG

  • Physical: brain, ears, memory, ADD, dyslexia, leg problems
  • Emotional: nervousness, high anxiety, unable to control life, feelings of not being heard, struggles with turmoil at home, anger at what you’ve hearing, fear of moving ahead, fear of change, difficulty being resolute about issues, inability to understand, avoid a situation you don’t like or are fearful of

Worthy to Behold – SONG

  • Physical: trauma, injury, accidents, shock, hips, hives, knee problems, skin disease, eczema
  • Emotional: stress, worry, tense, wishy-washy, fear of making decision, lack of physical and emotional self-support, not wanting to accept physical experiences, fears finally surfacing, feeling mistreated, anger at another’s inflexible behavior, ego gets in the way, not wanting to bend usually to authority, unable to be flexible, feelings of irritation, feeling unsettled, lack of security, inner conflict surfacing, frustration at not being able to accomplish something, fear, anxiety

Open Gates – SONG

  • Physical: adrenals, eyes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, fibroid tumors and cysts, pituitary gland, spine
  • Emotional: ego getting carried away in pride, feeling inferior, inflammatory thoughts, unresolved feelings of rage, victim mentality, feeling defeated, anxiety, unresolved jealousy and fears, feeling that struggling is part of success, tired of coping, feel inferior and insecure, suppressed anger, hopelessness, unresolved hurts, injured ego, inability to see ego in things, feelings of being constant recipient of bad luck/misfortune, hypochondriac


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