Open Heaven: Emotional Roots and Physical Symptoms

Feedback continues to come in about the music! As it does, I’m working with Seneca Schurbon of Freedom Flowers and Alice Briggs of Emotional and Spiritual Healing to create a package of materials that can aid with the healing processes of physical issues in your body!

The finished booklet for our project will have close to 100 common physical issues that can have emotional roots. The cool part? We’ve paired a flower essence, a song (or album) and a type of healing session that might best benefit that corresponding emotional issue. The “Physical Symptoms and Emotional Roots” booklet is being put together by myself, Alice, and Seneca and should be ready for sale soon!

For the album, “Open Heaven,” based on comments from customers, several have found relief from headaches and back pain when listening to the song “Life Restored.” Paired with Align Flower Essence, customers get a “double whammy” of intent for the purposes of bringing some restoration into your body and emotions. In my own listening to this album, I’ve found that it’s easier to see to the bigger picture while putting me in a place that I can engage more with what Creator is saying to me.

“Open Heaven” has nearly 80 minutes of music and includes three selections. First is the song “Life Restored,” followed by “Joyous Hope,” and the last track is “Open Heaven.” Samples are included next to each song. The album is available as a CD, downloads (singles or full album) and in the EMDR format.

Open Heaven – ALBUM

  • Physical: Alzheimer’s, physical pain, Hodgkin’s disease
  • Emotional: inability to accept self, need to prove self, self rejection, guilt

Life Restored – SONG

  • Physical: aches, back, headaches, migraines, Aids, Alzheimer’s, Muscular Dystrophy, pain
  • Emotional: repressed anger and frustration, “I must experience pain,” needing love, feeling alone, needing to be held and loved, sadness, hopelessness, nobody cares, not good enough, deep rooted anger, feeling no support, emotionally burdened, frustration, agitated, anxious, frustrated, lack self confidence, tension and stress, can’t resolve emotional upsets, unpleasant relationships, inability to face issues, hurt feelings go unexpressed, unable to flow easily with life, dislike being pushed, wants control, can’t handle pressure for long periods of time

Joyous Hope – SONG

  • Physical: abdominal pain, Alzheimer’s, acid reflux, obesity, hypoglycemia, intestinal issues
  • Emotional: fearful, relationship issues, insecurity, feeling inferior, unable to cope, suppressed anger, feeling helpless/hopeless, hidden anger, resistance to forgiving, need for protection, no joy in life, feeling overwhelmed, seeking love, stuffed feelings, trying to fulfill self, wanting to live in the past, desire to stay in comfort zone, self-rejection

Open Heaven – SONG

  • Physical: ulcers, autoimmune system, Lupus, nervous breakdown, post nasal drip
  • Emotional: feeling helpless, want to give up, deep grief, laugh on outside but crying on the inside, anxiety, need to conform, feels like a martyr, worry over details, frustration when things don’t go your way, pressures are too much to bear, fear of tension, seeking revenge, feelings of conflict, want to give up, fear of future, inability to communicate true feelings, anxiety, confusion, inner grief.


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