It’s All About Frequency – Part 1

In June of 2016, I presented at an energy healing conference on how resonant frequency is sound, color, thoughts, intents, words, and nearly everything around us – seen and unseen.

music frames our worldIn this blog post, I highlight some of the key points from that presentation. As I began recording my albums (CLICK HERE for link to downloads), I wanted to understand at a deeper level HOW frequency affects us in our body, soul, and spirit. We all know that music affects the emotions. That’s a no-brainer. However, it’s all the other bits and pieces that I was a bit more clueless about.

Everything has a resonant (vibrational) frequency

  • Nicola Tesla said “everything rings like a bell.”
  • Every item has its own resonate frequency – all created matter has frequency.
  • Fragrance, light, sound, and color are all vibrational frequencies.
  • Water carries the vibrational frequency of what’s put into it (see videos at end).
  • Your body is a living receptor of vibration and frequency – it’s 70% water.
  • We learn by vibrational frequency and can change damaged frequencies by introducing something new.
  • It all started with “God said…” in Genesis 1. The word “hovered” in this verse literally means vibrated. Some say that God sung the universe into existence.
  • Your thoughts and intents have a vibrational frequency. This is quantum physics!
  • Your DNA has a frequency that can be turned into a song. There’s a company in California doing this!
  • New age thinking is that the crystal itself is a transmitter. Sound is not the creator because something has to initiate it; Creator is the initiator. Items are receivers, not transmitters.

Thoughts, Intents and Words

  • Words create frequency. According to ancient texts “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” There are several versions of this throughout a variety of texts including sayings such as “the tongue is like a ship’s rudder in that one small thing can control such a large vessel.”
  • What we say over ourselves, what we see and get an image of, what we think, what others say to and over us, and the music we listen to all create a vibrational frequency that frames our world.
  • When our frequency matches the frequency of our Creator, we “entrain” to what He says about us.
  • Entraining (chronobiology) aligns a weaker (or lower) frequency to a stronger (or higher) frequency. Entrainment was first “discovered” by Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in 1665.

What you put into your body (thoughts, intents, words, supplements, food, music, forms of energy healing, etc.) all have an emotional and physical response in your body because they are all based on resonant frequency.  

Energy = Frequency

Effects of Resonant Frequency

  • 1831 – Troops were marching across a suspension bridge in cadence. The bridge collapsed because their rhythm matched the resonate frequency of the bridge. This is why troops have to break cadence over bridges now. CLICK HERE for information on collapse of bridges.
  • 1940 – Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Resonate frequency of wind matched that of cables and it caused the bridge to sway and collapse. The bridge was nicknamed “Galloping Gertie.”
  • Hitler used music as a form of “sonic warfare” to confuse and brain wash the people by playing it constantly and loudly (with our poor amplification methods of the time). CLICK HERE for an article on the use of sonic warfare in a variety of instances.
  • “SONIC WARFARE Sound, Affect, and the Ecology of Fear” by Steve Goodman is a great resource on sonic warfare. Information about Hitler is in Chapter 7.
  • A pair of 30 inch speakers connected to a tone generator can generate a note low enough to knock a building off its foundation.
  • Royal Raymond Rife used frequencies to kill cancer (mid-1900’s). Novabiotronics (New Jersey) is continuing his research.


  • Chladni plate and crop circleHans Jenny created “cymatics” where salt or sand is put onto a “Chladni” plate. A tone generator is used to change the frequency, which in turn creates amazing shapes on the plates. The higher the frequency, the more intricate the design.
  • Crop circles match many of the designs from Chladni plates.
  • The grain is often braided together. Sound waves can go through the air and can get refracted. When this happens, the result can be seen in crop circles.


Watch this cool video from Harvard Natural Sciences where the experiment involves the original style of Chladni plate. Here’s another video by Nigel Stanford where a group of musicians hook up all kinds of scientific equipment to their instruments so they can demonstrate how the frequencies within the music being played “dance” and make shapes. Watch to the end!


Scientists seem to be putting out more and more information about how frequency affects everything around us. Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where I go into color, how the ancients used sound, and some other fun surprises.

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