It’s all About Frequency – Part 4

In this post, I add more information from three previous blog posts along with a video where I go through all the PowerPoint slides. At the end (below), you can download the PDF of that presentation which has clickable links on the last slide. The links send you on some fun rabbit trails, pointing you to some of the sources where I gathered information.

As mentioned in Part 3, the “All About Frequency” presentation was prepared for an energy healing conference in Utah (2016). Since then, I’ve learned more about thoughts, intents, and words and how their frequency affects us – body, soul, and spirit. I share my own experiences, connecting the puzzle pieces together. I’d only started making music essences in 2016. Nearly two years later, customer feedback provides additional insight as to how and why they work. In the YouTube video, “It’s All About Frequency” (below), I spend more time discussing thoughts, intents, and words as being a key factor in any healing protocol. Up to this point, I’ve spend minimal time on that topic.

The three (thoughts, intents, words) form a “bench of three” where they have a governmental “ruling” over our lives. If you look at numerology, three often represents government. When our thoughts line up with our intents that then line up with words (or could be actions), they create a form of government over us. This goes both ways – good and bad. For example, if we spend much of our life as a pessimist, then we’ll reap pessimism in and through every part of our lives. Thoughts, intents, and words all have a frequency.

From my own life experiences, I’m realizing how it’s so important in how we “entertain” thoughts. Entertaining is simply paying attention to thoughts that meander through our minds by mulling them over. Once that’s progressing quite nicely, then what we think actually becomes an intent. An intent is literally making a decision about those thoughts. After the decision is made, we either speak our intents out or put them to an action. Both create a frequency.

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In the video presentation, I discuss the effects of words in our lives. You know the old story about the glass being half full or half empty? It all depends on our outlook on life. Too many of us were hurt by various circumstances that caused us to shut down in some area of our lives. Until we can get past those traumatic places, it’s tough to see the glass as half full. Our experiences point to life “sucking canal water” as I used to say when the “Debbie downer” syndrome rules our lives. Oh, how graphic I can be!

For years, life pretty much stunk for me. Although circumstances surrounding me bordered on horrific, I still had a choice in how to respond. Let me explain. I could either feed or starve the little negative whispering voices that tried to convince me to live with a “woe is me” attitude. I admit that I gave into those thoughts. That led to the intent of wallowing in pity. Well, at least for a season until I pulled my head out. There were circumstances, negative people, and a whole bunch of other factors in my life that I let rule how I responded. The whispering voices are like a conversation that goes on in your head, almost like arguing with yourself. What I have learned to do now is to say “NO” to those voices and listen to the voice of possibility instead. Again, it’s seeing the glass has half full rather than seeing what’s missing. What’s right and moving forward? Even if there are itty bitty little steps, small steps are better than none. It wasn’t until my focus changed that circumstances around me also began to change. There’s a saying that we’re living out today our thoughts, intents and actions from yesterday. There is truth to that.

AliceSince this is new in the presentation, I spend a bit more time on the thoughts, intents, and words “bench of three” in this blog post and in the video. I present that if you pair three things together for a healing protocol, you’ll have a better chance of healing faster. I work closely with Seneca of Freedom Flowers and Alice of Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Together, the three of us provide a healing program that is designed to work on the emotional state which then allows the body to heal more naturally. There is plenty of scientific evidence to indicate that emotions play a major role in the healing process. You deal with trauma first. Then, it’s easier to work on the physical issues.



Moving right along. The video presentation below includes the following:

  • How frequency affects everything around us. (We are resonant beings)
  • Visit how thoughts, words, and intents fit into the overall picture
  • An introduction to cymatics
  • How the ancients used sound
  • Color, sound, and music – how they work together
  • Flower and music essences
  • Inner healing and healing music
  • Chromotherapy – what is it?
  • Chakras (energy points) as they relate to color and sound

NOTE: On the video, I do NOT show the last slide that has all the extra sources. Click on the words below to download that PDF file.

It’s All About Frequency!


What I do in this video presentation is take the information from all four blog posts titled “It’s All About Frequency!” and put it into a YouTube video (PowerPoint presentation) where it’s all neatly in one place. Then, with the PDF, you can open that up and click on the links! How easy is that?

For a refresher, here are the links to the first three blog posts:

Enjoy the video and as usual, feel free to leave comments below or use the “contact us” button in the right side bar. If you find additional sources, I’d love to see them!

Once again, I go over parts of the “Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms” chart. So you don’t have to go looking for it again on another page of my website, here it is again for your reading pleasure (click on the words):

Emotional Roots of Physical Symptoms


With that, enjoy the video!




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