Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance


Alice did go down the rabbit hole and Seneca and Del followed! You, too, can access your spiritual inheritance!

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“Accessing Your Spiritual Inheritance” – Book by Alice Briggs, Del Hungerford, and Seneca Schurbon

It’s Your Turn to Go Through the Door!

Alice didn’t fall down a rabbit hole but she did walk through a mystical doorway in a vision to recover blessings her ancestors failed to claim. When Alice came back and shared her experience, Seneca wasted no time going through her own door. Del’s approach differed — she wound up floating along in her bloodstream! Through telling our stories, others went through their own doors, leading to better relationships with God, increase in finances, favor, and giftings. Although this book touches on generational curses and how to remove them, we focus on claiming the blessings your family line has lost. However, you’ll need to be open to having a vision, and we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process so that you, too, can restore your lost generational blessings. Your hidden inheritance awaits!
Downloadable HERE on Healing Frequencies Music as a PDF. (112 pages)

Chapter Titles Include:

Part One: Introduction
  • Chapter 1: How to Use this Book
Part Two: How to Access Your Spiritual Inheritance
  • Chapter 2: The Surprise Beginning to this Grand Adventure – Alice
  • Chapter 3: The Basic Template – Alice
  • Chapter 4: I Think We’ve Got Something Big Here! – Seneca
  • Chapter 5: Moving in a New Direction – Del
  • Chapter 6: Breakthroughs are Beginning to Happen!
Part Three: Imagination and Adventures of Seeing in the Spirit
  • Chapter 7: Imagination
  • Chapter 8: Learning to See
  • Chapter 9: Seneca’s Adventure of Learning to See
  • Chapter 10: Alice’s Progress Towards Seeing in the Spirit
  • Chapter 11: Practice – The Key to Seeing in the Spirit

Part Four: Tools and Resources

  • Chapter 12: Indicators of Generational Content in Dreams – Seneca
  • Chapter 13: Alice’s Review of Repentance
  • Chapter 14: Seneca’s Perspective on Forgiveness
  • Chapter 15: Alice’s Perspective on Forgiveness
  • Chapter 16: Generation Work and DNA Healing – Alice


Part Five: More Examples

  • Chapter 17: Trying Another Door – Seneca
  • Chapter 18: Alice Goes Down Another Rabbit Hole
  • Chapter 19: Del’s Experience


Part Six: Resources

  • Chapter 20: Prayer Techniques
  • Chapter 21: Additional Links
  • About the Authors
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