Musical Harmonics and Hebrew Gematria

Can Hebrew letters and words actually be represented by musical frequencies? Explore the connection between math, music, the harmonic series, and Hebrew gematria.

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Healing Music and How to Listen to It

How much should you listen to healing music before you really begin to notice it’s working? Learn how the frequencies around you affect your atmosphere and what you should and probably should not listen to as part of your healing process.

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Earth Heartbeat Accelerating

Is a rise in the Schumann Resonance attributed to a change in the human consciousness? Recent scientific studies show that the Schumann Resonances are rising. Why is that? In this post, some possibilities are explored as to the “why” question along with how it affects us.

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Healing Protocols

This may seem like an interesting way to talk about healing but, with everything that we do, there has to be some consistency in order to get the best results. A protocol can be defined as “the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions” (according to Wikipedia). Now, let’s take that an apply it to a “healing protocol” for our lives.

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Overtones and A=432

Sound Vibrations

The musical harmonic (overtone) series “partial” numbers when turned into Hertz, become the actual note names for the series. Confused? Let me explain…

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Do physical symptoms really have emotional roots?

Yes, physical symptoms often start as emotional roots. Learn how to change negative thought patterns to bring your body into better health, starting by dealing with any negative emotions.

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It’s All About Frequency – Part 3

tic tac toe

In this final post of the series, I wish to propose that having three modes of healing working together might bring about more complete healing experience. How is that possible? When you have three things that work well together to bring a completeness, you have a “bench of three.” In the end, I propose that using three complimentary forms of healing approaches should be more effective when following a healing protocol.

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It’s All About Frequency – Part 2

Color Spectrum

In Part 2 of this series, I explore how ancient civilizations used sound, how resonant frequency is in color, music and general sounds, and how colors/sound can be found in the Chakras. It’s entirely possible that by knowing how to use resonant frequencies, much of the “dis-ease” in our bodies could be reversed.

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