Are you in tune?

In Tune or Not in Tune

Notes above and below the keyboard can be “heard” and felt in the body whether our ear hears them or not. Is the music we listen to “in tune” with our body and what’s in the earth around us?

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Truth About the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

528 Creative DNA

Because of mis-information concerning the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, we have been led to believe a truth that doesn’t line up with music theory and historical information. Are they musical frequencies or something else? If they aren’t musical frequencies, where did they come from?

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Music for Healing

Music Heals the Soul

Scientists are finding that listening to and making music really fires up the brain. Music can also be healing or detrimental for us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bringing us to a place of rest and peace allows our bodies to work through the healing processes more effectively. Therefore, it’s important to listen to music that fosters and promotes healing.

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Numerical Coincidences

Speed of Light

I’ve been watching some NOVA and other scientific videos on quantum mechanics and physics. This has then led reading articles, blog posts, and comments about how there are so many coincidences in the world with certain numbers. But, for some, if there’s not an exact match, scientists chalk certain things up…

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Musical Temperament

What is musical temperament? In a very small nutshell, musical temperament is making adjustments in the distance between notes so that chords and scales have a halfway decent chance of sounding in tune. Our current system of tuning, equal temperament (where the distance between all notes is equal), is not at all…

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Numbers, Sacred Geometry, and Musical Frequencies

Flower of Life

Numbers, Sacred Geometry and Musical Frequencies? Are they related?   Because people know that I’m delving into the wonderful world of frequencies, I get sent a lot of stuff that might be related. Facebook is inundated with memes, videos, and stories of the beauty of how numbers are important in…

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Musical “Intent”

Energy Field

“Musical Intent” is most about what a composer and/or performer expects to convey through his/her music. In this article, we explore how musical intent affects how we respond to music.

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