“Into His Presence” recorded in the fall of 2015
Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio 

Through Healing Frequencies Music, I’m committed to creating music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. I am excited to bring you music that touches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. My hope is that you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in these healing frequencies.

Unless otherwise stated, my music is recorded where the pitch is tuned to A=432 (to match sounds found in nature and the cosmos). However, I do use other frequencies (including A=444) and concert pitches (all listed next to each album). I tune into the Spirit, to bring the prophetic side into my projects. Each “song” features a spontaneous instrumental piece based on a specific musical pitch.

The main frequency in my songs (listed above after each song title) is subtle and consistent throughout the length of the song. This replaces the need for a tone generator, which can often be very boring (or annoying) to listen to. All songs are long-play for the purpose of being therapeutic. Since people do ask, I don’t use the transpose feature on the keyboard. I actually play in the keys listed next to each album/song.

EMDR music is also available for both clients and health care practitioners. Selections from all seven albums have been turned into EMDR or “bilateral” music. If there’s a specific song from the seven albums that hasn’t been turned into EMDR music yet, feel free to make that request via the “contact us” form.

Healing Frequency MusicI continue to record new music so sign up for my newsletter to receive notification of new album releases! And, when you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive an e-mail with a coupon code to download “Beloved Friend.”

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