“Into His Presence” recorded in the fall of 2015 
Washington State University School of Music Recording Studio 



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  1. I AM – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 1
    1. Love Abounds Sample (C)
    2. I AM Sample (D)
    3. Life Source Sample (E)
  2. Open Heaven – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 2
    1. Life Restored (G)
    2. Joyous Hope (F)
    3. Open Heaven (D)
  3. Into the Deep – Prophetic Musical Journey – part 3
    1. Open Door (A)
    2. Into the Deep (B)
  4. Waves of Spirit – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 4
    1. Waves of Spirit (F-sharp)
    2. Wings of Spirit (E-flat)
    3. Deep Waters (B-flat)
  5. Cleansing Fire – Prophetic Musical Journey – Part 5
    1. Abiding Love (D-flat)
    2. Cleansing Fire (A-flat)
  6. Into His Presence – Based on an F Major chord
    1. Running to Him (F)
    2. The Wedding (A)
    3. Into His Presence (C)
  7. Open Gates – Based on an F-sharp Major chord
    1. Spirit Awakens (F-sharp)
    2. Worthy to Behold (A-sharp)
    3. Open Gates (C-sharp)
  8.  528 Creative DNA – Based on 528 Hz (C above middle C )  A=444 concert pitch
    1. My Beloved
    2. Regeneration
    3. Beyond the Veil

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  9. New Hope – based on a D Major chord
    1. Joyful Life (D)
    2. Joyful Heart (F-sharp)
    3. Joyful Hope (A)

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  10. Deep Calls to Deep – based on two separate frequencies: 713 and 444
    1. Deep Restoration (713 Hz)
    2. Deep Serenade (A in A=444 concert pitch)
    3. Deep Connection (A in A=444 concert pitch)


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Through Healing Frequencies Music, I’m committed to creating music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. I am excited to bring you music that touches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. My hope is that you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in these healing frequencies.

Unless otherwise stated, my music is recorded where the pitch is tuned to A=432 (to match sounds found in nature and the cosmos). I tune into the Spirit, to bring the prophetic side into my projects. Each “song” features a spontaneous instrumental piece based on a specific musical pitch.

The main frequency in my songs (listed above after each song title) is subtle and consistent throughout the length of the song. This replaces the need for a tone generator, which can often be very boring (or annoying) to listen to. All songs are long-play for the purpose of being therapeutic. Since people do ask, I don’t use the transpose feature on the keyboard. I actually play in the keys listed next to each album/song.

EMDR music is also available for both clients and health care practitioners. Selections from all seven albums have been turned into EMDR or “bilateral” music. If there’s a specific song from the seven albums that hasn’t been turned into EMDR music yet, feel free to make that request via the “contact us” form.

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We would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your comments or reviews below!

Deep Calls to Deep

5 5 1
I bought Deep Calls to Deep and i love it. i play it during i work, and when i sleep. helps me with focus and i feel so much lighter and brighter. thank you n God bless you!

Thank you!

5 5 1
Its the bridge between my soul and my spirit. Thank you

Beloved Friend

5 5 1
Beloved Friend helps the autistic twins cared for by a friend to be calm, be in their best behavior and puts them to sleep. Great music!

Beautiful music

5 5 1
After watching the video of Del Hungerford making her music, I signed up and received the free download of "Beloved Friend." I listened to it on replay loop all day and loved it. So off to iTunes I went and I got the 528 Creative DNA album. The 528 album has been on almost constant play in my home. It is lovely, beautiful, and peaceful. Not only are we enjoying it, so are our dogs. I've also noticed that the grand boys (4 yrs and 22 mos) are much more peaceful when I have the album playing in the background. In fact, if I have it on the car, they are very relaxed and peaceful, huge change in that department. And I find it cute when they mix in their on words with the songs. Thank you, Del for the lovely music that you have created and are sharing with us!

582 Creative DNA

5 5 1
It is oI ne thing to have a PMA Positive Mental Attitude. I have sought to have this for years. However I still find that I am easily upset. Particularly at the evening news and when a member of my household does not treat me with my expected level of respect. I just down loaded Creative DNA this morning but I feel that it is getting to that deeper level to establish a foundation of love peace and joy. Just reading Accessing . . . I made a break through that I have been needing -- out of a spirit of rejection and the fear of rejection into a profound revealation of Elohim's love and how greatly HE values me. I have exstream great value in HIS eye. He grace is evident in his giving me a long life (I am 77 and 1/2 years old) to finally be enabled to arrive at this breakthrough. I am so greatfull to you Alice and Del. I love you gals. Brother John, aka Papa John aka John Ira Nye

Cleansing Fire

5 5 1
Not only is the song Cleansing Fire highly enjoyable to listen to, both my adult daughter amd I began to experience posotions shifts very early into the piece. We both felt uplifted but not wired, peaceful but not drowsy. What really amazed me was that my nasal airways opened up allowing me to breath well with ease. They have been bothering me for months now so I was thrilled that listening to great music opened them up! All I can is, my dd and I clearly were positively impacted by this music spitituslly, emotionally, and physically. Thank you for sharing this amazing frequency-based music with the world!

Beloved Friend

5 5 1
Dear Del, I have a beautiful boy who was diagnosed with autism. I have been playing Beloved Friend in my son's room for one week and I can clearly see that his focus, communication both verbal and non-verbal, balance, expression have improved. I am so glad I found you. My plan is to buy your music for our selves and to give as a present to our friends that, as well, live busy, stressful lives. To take time, close ones eyes and pray/meditate with teh help of your music is being in a Oasis in the middle of caos. Thank you! Leticia from Sweden

General Review of Music

5 5 1
I have purchased several of the albums and thoroughly enjoy every one of them. Very calming to listen to!

Beloved Friend

5 5 1
I have been playing "Beloved Friend" in my office today and there is a noticeable change in my attitude, my heart rate, my concentration and my body language in general! WOW! I didn't know this would be possible through music. I've now purchased the download of "Waves of the Spirit" and intend to have that one playing as well. I'll let you know how it goes! Wow. I can't get over this. My Thai staff are asking about it as well. They like it but have never heard anything like this before!
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  1. Hi I am new to this web site. My husband and I have been working on prophetic songs for a few years now, and am glad to see this area is broadening and more and more people are fine tuning to match that of heaven and earth.
    I went to School of the Prophets back in 2005 at Bethel and a teacher of sound with movement was there ..sorry cant remember his name. The videos we watched showed us what sound, pitches and vibrations can do to items that normally would not be able to move on their own, but because of the pitches and sound the sand & bridges, were just two examples, of what could happen when the right sounds were released. Our DNA has a song written on it. We each have our own song inside us!. I would so love to know my song or sound. Because if we come into tune with it, we each would move and live life with more, I believe…many blessings

  2. I am so excited about this EMDR Music; I have been continuously listening to the 528 Creative DNA Regeneration Songs since the day I acquired them. I feel somehow stronger, in many areas. It is a most wonderful confirmation of God’s echo’s from heaven. The album includes My Beloved, Regeneration and Beyond the Veil.

    Thank you Del for the gift you are.


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