Healing Powers of Music

music frames our world

Music can be both healing or harmful. Listen to lyrics in songs to determine the intent of that song. Is it uplifting? Does the song have a mean tone? Can you tell what the artist is truly trying to say? As you answer these questions, you can then determine if that song is something you want to frame your world with.

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Royal Raymond Rife


Royal Raymond Rife – a name most people who practice natural medicine recognize. He created a machine in the 1930’s that was actually documented by the University of Southern California as curing cancer. How did he do it? By the use of radio frequencies. So the question to ask now is “why has this technology been lost?”

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EMDR Music Testimony

Heart Health

EMDR music is meant to assist clients in working through particularly difficult traumas. In this testimony, a certified counselor used my EMDR music along with EMDR therapy on herself while she was struggling with some physical issues.

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Good Vibrations – The Science of Sound

Sound and Creation

The lecture, “Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound,” was presented at the World Science Festival on June 4th, 2010. Four scientists along with a couple of musicians present how sound came to be from the beginning of time until now. Are you aware that our universe was created out of sound?

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My Musical Story

Music is Healing

This is my musical story, complete with my own victories and struggles as a person and musician. When I learned to allow myself to “feel” the music coming from within me, it was a game changer. What are you passionate about? Can you, too, bring yourself to a place where what’s within can flow freely out of you?

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What is EMDR Music?

EMDR Bilateral Music

EMDR is the acronym for “Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing” and is a method of psychotherapy used only by trained professionals.

Music outside of a therapy session is considered to be “EMDR-inspired” so the individual can experience “processing” or “reprocessing.” There are many therapies that focus on connecting the left and right brain hemispheres so that the two can work together. In a sense, this is what EMDR therapy accomplishes. EMDR sessions often include “bilateral” or “panned” music.

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Are you in tune?

In Tune or Not in Tune

Notes above and below the keyboard can be “heard” and felt in the body whether our ear hears them or not. Is the music we listen to “in tune” with our body and what’s in the earth around us?

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